Monday, July 3, 2017

2nd Quarter Completion Check in

Well it's time to look back on the last 3 months and see what all goals I managed to complete from my initial link up here. I am not super hopeful that I had many completions this go round but who knows I might be in for a surprise, I did start the quarter with nearly 30 goals. 
Finish-A-Long 2017

Things I did complete. (even though I missed the link up)

  1. Secret sister sewing for stash bash
  2. Mallory's Elephant quilt  
  3. 65 Zippy Pouches for Stash Bash 
  4. 3 more scrap bins -- Brown, yellow and green 
  5. Red tunic top 
Things I am still working on completing 
  1. Patchwork Swoon -- needs binding 
  2. Swiss Cross Quilt -- I got the top and backing made but it's not quilted yet  
  3. Tessellations Quilt -- blocks are all made, a layout has been determined and I have started assembling rows but it's not complete  
  4. Lucky 21 Quilt -- assembled, backing made but unquilted.
  5. Plus Side Quilt for Granny -- all the blocks are assembled  
  6. Down the Rabbit Hole traveling quilt -- needs my contribution
  7. Spiderwebs quilt -- top is assembled, backing is made, needs quilting 
  8. Alison Glass extra geese mini quilt -- top is complete, needs quilting. 
No progress 
  1. Moda Modern Building Blocks abbreviated version Image result for moda modern building blocks
  2. Jen Kingwell Holiday Pillow 
  3. All Squared UP with Priory Square 
  4. Weekender Bag -- only the outer panels are made 
  5. Broken Herringbone Quilt 
  6. AMH Scrappy Quilt 
  7. Botanics Pendant Quilt 
  8. Crafty Carrier -- this one may need to be made before retreat if I end up taking the featherweight machine.  Image result for crafty carrier
  9. Grandma's Surprise 
  10. Kitten Quilt from Scraps
  11. Gingersnap quilt Image result for gingersnap quilt
  12. Metro Hoops -- Image result for metro hoops quilt pattern
  13. Taffy quilt with Color Theory 

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