Thursday, May 4, 2017

April -- the month of doing what I want

April Challenges this month didn't line up with my goal lists so I decided it was the month to work on things at random and make progress as best that I could on other goals. APQ put up the challenge number of 11 this month --- I only have 10 goals on my list so I took this month to focus on getting things ready for retreat and doing some serious over packing. 
The scrap challenge this month was multi colored scraps -- I don't have my scraps sorted into a bundle of odd balls so I just choose to work on brown since that is the least amount of scraps and i knew it would be a busy one later on so whipped up my scrap bin before mid month. 

I knew that I also wanted to get the bee blocks knocked out early this month (-1 yard) so that I wouldn't rush them after the retreat so I made, Greek Cross blocks for the triple block bee --- so fun, 

Fizzy Blocks for the Bee Hive 
and an assortment of HST for the stash bee -- she's making a larger project with them and requested that we not stitch them together. 
I was most excited this month because of the upcoming retreat and did a bunch of prep work for projects to work on then and gift items that were for my secret sister and other friends that were going to be there. My biggest project this month was the 65 zippy pouches that I made as gifts for everyone (-35 yards).
I also completed the binding on the Abstract Elephant and gifted him to Mallory. (-10 yards) 
My secret sister also received an Hour basket and a small pillow to decorate her sewing room and some fabrics I knew she'd love. 
(-5 yards)
 While at retreat I did but a little fabric that i will be using in upcoming tunics and for quilt backings. You can see more of the retreat projects and progress here.

The end of the month was spent recuperating and completing my rounds on the traveling quilts that I am a part of (-1 yard)

And making a special puppy block for a dear friend that just lost her sweet girl Jenny 
While April only had a few finishes there was a great deal of progress made on 3 quilts at retreat and bunch of gifted items. My Scrap booking supplies are nearly all gone (except the limited pieces that I am keeping for other things) and my stash is lighter by 50 yards. This puts the yearly total to -84 yards this year -- maybe May will push me over 100 used. 

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