Monday, May 1, 2017


I have been beyond excited for stash bash this year and super eager to really get a lot accomplished in these few days of awesomeness with my friends, it's usually a 3 day retreat but this year we had the option to add on Wednesday and turn it into a 4 day retreat (YAY!!!!!!!!). I hooked up with my friend Erin for travel the day before and an overnight stop in Nashville. 
The location is spectacular as usual and I always love seeing all my friends again. This year it rained several of the days but that didn't dampen our spirits much. 

Per usual I took way to much stuff with the fear of running out of projects to work on (LOL right) but with the headaches from the rain I had plenty to work on. 
Of my list of 12+ projects I managed to complete 4 quilt tops and most of the blocks for a 5th.

My Triple Bee Quilt top is assembled 
Lucky 21 is assembled 
Swiss Cross is assembled 
Extra Geese Project is assembled -- not sure yet if this will become a larger project with this as a focal point or if it will be a mini / runner, My Friend Kim wants to turn it into a lampshade. 
and Plus side is now a pile of blocks (completed once I got home and was able to find the fabric pieces that i forgot -- ready for assembly)
My other projects will sit in waiting for me to fully recover and keep me busy for a few more months at least. Of the projects that went untouched, all but 1 of them were unstarted so this emphasizes the value of prep work for me in getting things done while sewing away from home. 

Stash bash is really all about the awesome people that we meet and that enrich our lives. This year I was able to deliver 2 special quilts and a surprise for the ladies. 

One was for Chris our host and founder of the retreat. She loves Kate Spain as much as I do and when I discovered after retreat last year that i had almost enough jewel box blocks left to make a throw, I knew it needed to be hers.  (she said it's the first quilt anyone has ever given her) 
My other delivery was the amazing elephant quilt that I made for Mallory as a part of a quilt swap (That quilt will be getting it's own post soon) -- she in return gave me the tula rainbow quilt. 
Because all these ladies are so special to me I made a zipper bag for each of the attendees -- that's 65 zippies. 
-- my friend Teri made several of these troll hair and they were awesome.
Stash Bash is always awesome and exhausting but well worth it and I hope that this tradition continues for many years to come. 


  1. Looks like you had a fantastic time - four days is awesome! And I'm so impressed you made 65 zipper bags! You've definitely mastered zippers :)

  2. YAY! There's the recap I've been waiting for! I love these pics with comments. I love the Swiss Cross!!! They all look great. I know Chris was thrilled , as was Mal. I enjoyed this for you so much! :-*

  3. Oh wow it sounds like it was a great time. I really want to go to something like that soon.