Tuesday, May 2, 2017

100 days in

At the beginning of the new year I linked up with Jen for the 100 days challenge. 

The point of this is to link up 3 goals that we have for ourselves that are short term or things that we need to put more focus on for the next little while. 

When I did my initial goals I said I wanted to ... 
  1. keep up with the ongoing challenges (bee blocks, monthly UFO goals, APQ Challenge, swaps, ect)
  2. have 5 completions in 100 days 
  3. Re-home my scrapbook supplies  
So, how did things turn out? 

I'm elated to report that all three of these goals have been accomplished. 
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I've been doing well with all my goals and working on several projects that have been around for a while to move these toward completion later this year. I've finished several things already and have some more that are close -- which will be tackled at the upcoming quilt retreat. 

 The biggest of these is the last one and the thing i am most excited about. I am going to be traveling through Asheville in another few days and on my way to quilt retreat, and I have found a new home for the stamping and scrapbook supplies and i know that they will be utilized. I am also glad for the space that this will free up in my sewing room because the boxes have been a constant reminder for the last several years of needing to purge -- not only the items but the drama that is now associated with that hobby for me. 
Image result for packing craft supplies
I love doing this challenge each year and it's always surprising to see what can be accomplished in 100 days. 

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