Monday, January 9, 2017

The story of traveling quilts

Last year I started a traveling quilt with an Alice in Wonderland theme and it's still out there -- it comes home in another few months and I'm really excited to see what all has been added since the last time that I saw pictures of it. 

When my friend Rena asked if I wanted to take part in a new round robin quilt that she would be starting in 2017, I said sure and once i found out who some of the other ladies were I was really excited because I actually know most of them IRL. 

I wanted a cat themed quilt at first but then when I settled on a color pallet I didn't really have the cat fabrics to support this so I went with colors instead because they were really speaking to me. I
the orange color is similar to what we are thinking about in the bedroom.  I think gold-ish curtains/ canopy for our 4 poster bed. Maybe a rug that teal color?:
When pulling fabrics, I threw in Navy and brightened up the colors a bit for some added pop. 
I picked a Moda Love Star as my center (with a little resizing to meet the size limits) and it turned out really fun. I almost wanted to make another so that I could make this one a mini and keep it. 
So now it's out in the world being added to by awesome ladies and I won't know what's going on till it comes home next year -- because it's a secret quilt that we haven't decided if there will be sneak peeks through out the year or not.

Here's hoping for a creative year for my Moda Star, I can't wait to see what awesome things the ladies do to you. 


  1. This is such a fun quilt starter! My Traveling Quilt Bee quilt comes back to me at the end of this month! I can't wait to see yours all finished!

  2. Gosh, a travelling quilt with no sneak peaks! That's really secret sewing.