Monday, January 2, 2017

December sewing and stashing

AKA the last ditch effort for some finishes in 2016. 

My goals going into this quarter were pretty high and the list of completions was pretty low but I am glad for the things that I completed this month, and the new items that I added to my fabric collection. 

We took some extra time with the traveling quilts to help people not feel rushed for the holidays so I sent Diana's quilt early in the month and didn't get my replacement till after Christmas so no real sewing here this month.  

You may have already read about my birthday buying --- this added 10 yards to the stash.  

December brought the conclusion to the bee hive this year with Sue asking for a sampler quilt so we could make any blocks that we wanted, I choose Jagged Pill (-.5 yard) 

I was also asked to make some angel blocks for another of the stash bee hives -- aren't these candy canes cute. I know that she will put them to good use soon. (-1 yard) 

I made some Pin blocks for my friend Ella (-.5 yard) 

I finished up my Christmas quilt that you might have read about here

The rest of the month I mostly did some prepping for the new year and straightening of my sewing room. With these few completions this month I finished 2016 at -102 yards for the year.

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  1. Although your sewing time was little you did complete some nice bits. Congrats on the downsizing of the stash this year.