Friday, March 4, 2016

Skinny Mini Swap

I started out 2016 with the intention that this year I would not bombard myself with swaps right off the bat but I still wanted to stay in the loop about swaps going on so I Signed up for the skinny Mini swap. I liked the idea of this swap, a mini with a width of 8 inches or less as a peramiter because it makes things a little more challenging and you get to work outside of the big box that some minis have started to become. 

I got my partner's information and there wasn't a lot to work with and turns out it is her first swap so I went on Pinterest and scoured around a bit for inspiration that I gathered from her minimal postings on instagram, but they were enough to tell me a few things about this lady. 
  • From her info sheet I knew she liked bright / saturated colors. 
  • She also likes being outside 
  • From her instagram I learned that she likes flowers and gardening. 
  • She is also an apiarist (Bee keeper)
So it was time to pull out some lovelies and see what this loose plan would develop into. 

Several weeks into the swap I got the feeling that my partner was not around and after I contacted the host I felt that she was not around either. So I waited before working on this project any further and eventually was reassigned when my partner did not check in just 2 short weeks before the deadline to ship. 

Once I was reassigned I did some quick research and set to work on something that I hope she will like. While I was busy making she was at Quilt Con so she may have missed my postings but I know that there are a few other people willing to take it off her hands. 

I love those little hedgies and foxes and hope that she does too. All I could really tell from her IG is that she likes bright colors and traveling with her 4 kiddos. So off it went to live with Kelsey in California. She sent me a great note thanking me for her mini and she loves it. 

In return I got this lovely mini from Kelsey in California -- apparently we were assigned to each other after some serious flaking happend with this swap. 

I was admiring this mini in the feed and then when I got assigned to make for her I figured there was no way that it would be coming my way but for a swap that was best described as stressful and rocky the end result was pretty great and I think I have a home planned for it already. 


  1. The little hedgehogs are adorable ... :) Pat

  2. Wow, I love your original idea. It's too bad it didn't work out, but the quilts that were swapped in the end are lovely too!

  3. Sorry to hear the swap didn't go as originally planned but I love both minis!! Thank you for participating in the FAL, on behalf of the 2016 global FAL hosts.