Friday, March 4, 2016

100 Day Challenge -- 60 days in

At the beginning of the year I set a bunch of quilty goals for myself and one of them was linking up with my friend Jen over at Quilter in the closet for her 100 days challenge where we come up with 3 goals for the first 100 days of the year. 

I set these 3 goals for myself 
1. Complete at least 2 of my carry over projects from 2015
2. Decrease my stash by 50 yards or more 
3. Make time to blog every week and link up with other bloggers. 

At 30 days in I was making good progress, So now that it's 60 days in -- how are things going? 

Goal 1 --  I have actually finished 2 things this year but neither of them were carry over projects. My latest finish was my skinny mini that I made as a part of a swap. 

I am hoping that now that I have a huge pile of all basted quilts that I will be able to complete some of the carry over projects. I surely can't baste anything else because I had to buy more pins to complete the basting for the last quilt that I added to the pile -- that's 5 quilts guys that are just waiting for quilty magic to happen. 
Getting at least one of these finished is my OMG goal this month and I'd like to have something to link up at the quarterly check in that's not a mini quilt. 

Goal 2 -- I have destashed or used 50 yards worth as of the end of February, thanks largely in part to my instagram destash where my load was lightened by 25 yards. There is still plenty of great stuff over there but I may need to regroup some things and try for another purge. 
However one of my lovely friends announced earlier this week, that her shop will be closing at the end of the month. Folks, that means I did crash pretty hard on this fabric diet with a purchase of 15 yards of fabric. 
This was not a total Katie has lost her mind purchase -- 6 yards (Joel Dewberry fans) were for backing of my husband's quilt that is being made from bee blocks currently. I have plenty of purple in my stash but noting of large amounts. The purple grunges and even the Tula stripe are to potentially use as bindings for this quilt as well. The lovely Bonnie and Camille Vintage modern (2 yards) has already been ogled by one of my dear friends and I have decided to mail that to her. So really only the Tula Tigers and the Moon Bunnies are a splurge. 

I'll more than likely be returning before the end of the month as I need background fabric for that Kate Spain Epic Christmas quilt and i didn't have any of my fabric to compare colors on with me yesterday. 

I am also planning to participate in the quilty orphan adoption later this month on the 18th so maybe things will even out by the end of the month.  
Quilting is more fun than Housework

Goal 3 -- This is the goal that i am still falling short on, if I could get more things finished then I would have plenty to write about but I don't really think anyone is really wanting me to post that often about making bee blocks or being plagued with migraines. So I'll keep striving for the goals and keep working on having more to show.  I have a feeling that weekly blogging will happen more heading into the spring and now that I have been released from my doctor and am about 95% healed from my ankle break from early November.


  1. Thanks for joining in on the Quilty Adoption Event. It is a great way to alleviate the stress if having too many WIPs.

  2. Just coming through from the 100 day challenge. At least the basting is done, all of the fun part is ahead of you.
    Glad you are almost recovered from your ankle break.

  3. Who could resist those Moon Bunnies?! Completely understandable purchase. I am in awe of 5 basted quilts too, my nemisis for sure.

  4. I love your rationale for all that fabric buying :) I am with you on all of it, especially the moon bunnies! I couldn't stand to baste more than one quilt at a time so I am impressed that you have five under your belt.

  5. Yes, I'm sure more blogging will happen along with finishing up those WIP's! Good luck!