Friday, March 25, 2016

Kaleidascope Finish

I've always loved Kaleidoscope quilts but not had the patience to make all the blocks in the small scale that I wanted, so this year when I joined several hives I decided that this is what I wanted everyone to make and of course I would have some filling in to do. I assigned these blocks to my Wee Bee Learning and We Bee With it hives in the first half of the year. Everyone made 8 pieces of the Kaleidoscope puzzle (or a total of 2 blocks each) but I asked them to leave them in the smaller units so that I could mix them up. 
Everyone did a great job, I added about 24 units to the mix to ensure there was color balance -- Moon cat really approves of the blocks.
When I went off to Stash Bash in the Fall I put the top together and really marveled at how all these colors really came together. 
Hubs and I took several quilts out to Reynolda Village to get some photos and i decided that, even thought it was just a top I wanted some photos of this one too. 
Because I made so many blocks and ended up changing the layout, I had extra blocks that I used on the back. 
Once I got her all quilted the end results are even better than I could have imagined when I set out in early 2015 to have a group of strangers make me one of the happiest quilts that I will love for a long time. 
I think this would be an excellent quilt to have in my sewing room for dreaming up new projects -- once I get a chair in there but that's what my dream sewing room board is for on Pinterest. 
The boys really love it already. 


  1. I'm crazy about this one too. I love how the gray spots make it feel like a third dimension. Those boys and their intense inspection are cracking me up there!

  2. Love your colourful kaleidoscope quilt and the boys seem to as well. Yes you do need a chair and that quilt to curl up in and think quilts. Can you please add a link to your list on this post and any other finishes as it helps your hosts to verify your projects. We wouldn't want you to miss out on the prizes! Thanks so much. Thank you for participating in the FAL, on behalf of the 2016 global FAL hosts.