Friday, February 5, 2016

100 Dayd Challenge -- 30 days in

At the beginning of the year I set a bunch of quilty goals for myself and one of them was linking up with my friend Jen over at Quilter in the closet for her 100 days challenge where we come up with 3 goals for the first 100 days of the year 

I set these 3 goals for myself 

1. Complete at least 2 of my carry over projects from 2015
2. Decrease my stash by 50 yards or more -- through destash or use in ongoing projects
3. Make time to blog every week and link up with other bloggers. 

So now that it's 30 days in -- how are things going? 

Well I haven't finished any carry over projects though I have 7 quilts currently needing basting and I have been able to complete several quilt tops in progress. 

I did manage to finish up a project that had been in my mind for some time and gifted it to another quilter that is a dear friend that had been seemingly forgotten about in a recent swap -- so one finish off my overall list. 

So with all those projects to baste and two swaps coming up I am sure to hit is not surpass this goal. 

I've also been linking up monthly with Red Letter Quilts for the OMG challenge, and this is motivating me to really focus on and potentially complete at least one project during the month. Last month it was the Honda Scout quilt -- it needed sashing and a boarder to move off my design wall and into the basting pile.
This month my goal is to complete the additional 4 blocks and assemble my scrappy crossroads quilt. 

As for the stash management, I am prepping for a big destash on instagram (the pile is behind the cat in the photo above). 

Last month I managed to decrease the stash by 14 yards and most of that was through backings so that's pretty good too. I know there will be at least 10 more yards used this month since I whipped up 3 charity tops at the end of January that also need backings. 

As for the blogging more goal -- I am really trying to be more active and have posted 5 blogs since the start of the year which for me is pretty good. I have about 15 postings in the works -- projects waiting to be completed mostly and my stash tracking postings but fingers crossed that my plans to get all that basting done is accomplished this weekend so that I can share some of those finishes soon. 

I am healing currently and had a minor setback in physical therapy about 2 weeks ago but I return to the doctor later today and am hopeful that the news will be positive. 


  1. Hi Katie
    Just dropping by to say 'Hello'.
    You appear to have so much going on and your colour sense is lovely. I hope everything goes well with your doctor visit.

  2. It looks like you are doing great in your goals and it seems like a lot of work. I will keeping an eye on your finishes.

  3. I love your colourful quilt tops! Good luck with the challenge I am sure you will meet it and then some :)

  4. oh wow....that's a lot in 30 days....well done you!! and such a lot of lovely projects too.

  5. Katie, I am always amazed at how much you get done! Make sure you take time to heal yourself too! Jen's orders!

  6. Wow ! It is awesome !