Thursday, February 18, 2016

City Sampler report February

At January check in I was at 48 blocks and hadn't decided at that time how many I was really going to complete because I was looking at alternate layouts from my original plan of 70. I kinda cheated on getting blocks made this month and actually made them on Wednesday evening, but I am happy to report that I have completed 61 blocks so far and really am ready to push through the rest so that I can get this project assembled soon.

Here are the blocks that I added this month 

block 49 -- # 6
 block 50 -- # 29 (when a great scrap just needs a frame you modify the block)
block 51 -- # 37 (couldn't bear to cut this perfect image in half)
block 52 -- # 38
block 53 -- # 55
block 54 -- # 56
block 55 -- # 83
block 56 -- # 86 (might be my new favorite)
block 57 -- # 95
block 58 -- # 96 (my prized Henna Garden scrap was a little small and then my math was a little off so I added this other boarder to the block and really like the difference that made)
block 59 -- # 98 (hello Mr Turtle face)
block 60 -- # 97 (this green is one of my favorite Tula fabrics that I have never been able to get anything larger than a scrap -- I also love it in yellow and the purple red combo) 
block 61 -- # 90

Things are getting exciting around here as I now have only 9 more blocks to make to get to the goal of 70. I spent some time last night pulling the rest of the fabric combinations for these blocks and hope to knock them out within the rest of this month. 

I can't wait to start putting these together and hopefully in March you guys will get to see that in the works -- mostly because I'm not brave enough to say top assembled fully. 


  1. I really like all your blocks and they give me some inspiration for mine.

  2. I'll second my sister Michele's comment. I haven't started mine yet because I'm a bit overwhelmed with fabric selection but your posts are helping a lot.

  3. I need to work on mine!! Yours are Awesome!

  4. You have some lovely colours and fabrics there, and so organised. Well done for sticking at it.

  5. Way to go Katie! You are almost there. My favorite is block #50.

    Thanks for linking them up to Building Blocks Tuesday!