Monday, September 1, 2014

Secret Sister Swap Sent

I love doing swaps to the point that maybe I become a little too obsessed about them. Back in June I signed up for the Sister Thing Swap and anxiously awaited to find out who my partner was going to be -- there isn't a flickr group or hash tag for this swap so it's an even bigger surprise when your item arrives. 

Michelle is a blogger that I have been following for a while and I have participated in both rounds of the Kate Spain charm swap as well as the 2013 round of the Sister Thing Swap. Someone's got to get the moderator and this time it was me, I was very excited and anxious about making something for her. After much consideration I drew my inspiration from her blog name and decided that it was time to pull out my string blocks and put them into a throw quilt to send her way. (that counts as a small item, right?)

I went with twirly paisleys for my quilting -- I wanted the star of this quilt to be the fabrics but I'm still quite happy with the results. 
And a couple of hidden messages in the stitches. 
She has 2 lovely children that I am sure she will enjoy reading to and snuggling with under this quilt. I threw in some extras for them (and mom) and what's a swap without some snackie goodies for everyone.
I used some of her (and my) favorite Kate Spain -- good fortune on the back and to bind it in, that I had been stashing for quite a while (man, I must really like her).  
Northern Winters can be rough so I know that this throw is going to a good home where it will be loved and that makes it all worth it. Now i need to get back to making more string blocks so that I can make another one for me. I'm already planning on using this idea for my guild pillow swap and I know at least one member that may be willing to fight someone if she doesn't end up with it. 

Here's a few more shots of the quilt that are mostly posted because I think they are funny. 
Photo bombed by a goat
Someone clearly does not agree with sending this quilt away. (I only hope that my secret sister likes it as much as this guy.)
Happy Quilting Everyone -- now i need to go get started on some of the other upcoming swap items that I have throughout the rest of the year. 

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This is another project to cross off the 3rd qtr FAL


  1. What a beautiful string quilt! I am sure she will love it (how could she not) and that quilting is just fabulous!

  2. Silly kitty! I love the goat bomb, heh... maybe thought it looked like a nice snack. I think this def is a small item: pincushion... quilt... same thing, right? I am sure she will love it. I think it's rainbow-fantabulous!

  3. I just noticed an orange kitty tail in the corner of the picture of the loot... did you catch that photobomb?

  4. Love this quilt! And your FMQ is amazing!

  5. Very nice quilt. And quilts always look better with animals, including photo bombing goats!

  6. I love string quilts and this one looks great! Love the cat and the goat, too. :)

  7. I still cannot believe that you actually made me a quilt! That my dear friend is not what I call small but I'm certainly not going to send it back to you. I love it as you know I would and of course the kidlets are thrilled that you quilted their nicknames into it. All the other goodies you sent are way above and beyond and so generous. Thank you for thinking of them too. You are a great "sister" and I'd welcome you in one of my swaps anytime. Thank you again, though the words thank you don't seem like enough for all the spoiling that you sent my way.

  8. Very fun! And it sounds like you were very thoughtful about the swap -- I've never done a swap. They kinda scare me. So many talented people out there, I'm afraid I'd disappoint. You certainly didn't. :)

  9. Thanks for being so good to Michele !!! Your quilt turned out beautiful and perfect for her :)

  10. How fun to SHOCK Michele with this beauty!

  11. Katie your quilt is gorgeous and so appropriate for Michelle. Wonderful lot of goodies.