Monday, September 15, 2014

Around the world blog hop

I got nominated by Carissa the edgy perfectionist for the around the world blog hop tour -- she's a Canadian blogger that loves color which I'm sure comes in handy with all that snow they get. It looks like she has some really fun stuff going on so you all should definitely check her out. 

So I've seen this hop going on for a few weeks now and was super happy when I got nominated, so I'll play along and answer the basics and maybe you can learn a little more about me. 

1. What am I working on? 
Well, you all know that I am forever working on lots of little stuff at once. Right now I am trying to push through some orders that I can get back to the really fun stuff.  I have a Halloween quilt for a customer that I spent a great deal of this past weekend putting together. 
I am also getting things lined up for the other 2 holiday quilts for this customer -- thanksgiving and Christmas.

there are another 2 throws ordered for Christmas that will look similar to this one, made from the customers Grandmother's clothes. 
Free Motion Quilting and Embroidery
I'm also gearing up for the 4 swaps that I have coming up -- mini's are so fun to make. (Harry Potter, Unicorn, IG mini swap and the Disney Swap) 

My Milky Way Medallion is also calling my name to be quilted.

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre? 
I think Carissa put it best when she described me as having a egalitarian view of fabric -- pretty much anything goes. I love putting ideas together and creating something that draws from the collective rather than repeating what I've seen done before. I also love combining fabrics regardless of the names or types. When I take classes I find it hard to follow along of follow directions in many cases because I'm always looking for a way to make it better or maybe just a little differently -- and because I'm a creative that's OK.  

3. Why do I write/create what I do? 
my creations are a collaboration of fabrics that I love and inspirations that are all around me. I quilt for sanity's sake and to bring joy to others. 

4. How does my writing/creating process work?
It's very free form for me -- the beginning idea of the project and the end of the project aren't usually the same. 

So now it's time to let you know who I draw inspiration from 
-- Michelle @ Quilts from My Crayon Box -- she's pretty great both as a person and as a quilter. 
-- Elise @ love lea designs -- she's got some great stuff going on with fabric over there and is writing up some great patterns. 
-- Katy @ lethargic lass -- I met her through my friend Teri and have been following her blog for a while now,  she;s super thoughtful and super talented, plus her name is Katy. 

I hope you are able to make a post and keep this whole darned thing going!


  1. Wow, do I LOVE that green mini quilt! Fabulous, and it's on my Pinterest board for mug rugs now.

  2. Great post and it was fun to learn just a little more about you.

  3. Great post! I loved learning a little more about you, and I am currently working on writting up my post (hopefully I will get it done soon and post it in time!) . Thanks for the nomination, I can't wait to see your medallion all quilted up.

  4. I love that Milky Way Medallion, those colors are just amazing :)