Monday, September 8, 2014

Stripes -- trial run and not quite a fail

I completed another pattern test from Elise @ Lovelea Designs

She wanted to see how the star pattern works using a striped fabric. I was somewhat hesitant at first, not because I didn't think it would look good but because I don't really have that much striped fabric in my stash. I pulled out what i did have and I actually only had 3 real stripes -- SHOCK I know.  I had pulled out my Alice in Wonderland / Jim Shore fabrics for destashing but realized that this was a great opportunity to use this fun and patterned striped fabric. 

The pattern comes in many size variations which is really nice. 
Due to time constraints and the lack of cooperation by my fabric I only ended up making one block. I think that the solid I used was not a great quality and things shifted on me more than I expected. 

I still like the block and being that it's Alice in Wonderland themed it still works out nicely and really in a way better than if it had came out perfect. I'm going to be adding a boarder to this one and embroidering a quote on it to put up in my bedroom with the rest of my AiW collection. I am also doing a Disney themed swap starting soon till January so perhaps this mini may become a source of inspiration.

Elise writes great patterns and I am very happy to have been a part of this testing (even if my results were not what I expected). I am thinking that if I may be adding more stripes to my fabric vocabulary in the near future and perhaps I'll give it another go with this pattern. 


  1. You end up with a lot of alternating bias with these kinds of cut - heavy spray starch is your friend. Use it to press the fabric for cutting and spray again with each bit of piecing. It will be stiffer than a board, but won't wonk on ya.Cute, cute fabric.

  2. Great tip above ^^^ Yes, you can't get it too stiff before you work with bias cuts. I think it came out pretty good for a first effort! The stripe is a tattler, cos if it weren't for the close proximity of the changes in colors, you couldn't see any wonkiness. I *lurve* strips and the only place they get really unhappy is as quilt backing and bias cuts or paper-piecing that is directional. They make really nice binding (cut across the stripes) and sashing can work well with them. Excellent effort and a bonus star to you for trying something new! ;)

  3. Love the attempt! Too bad it didn't work, I bet it would have been really fun!

  4. Awesome tip from Sharon. Your try was still pretty good.