Monday, September 9, 2013

It's been 8 months already?

Eight months ago I set up some quilting goals for this year and I am feeling really good about the progress that I continue to make with them and share here for all of you. In the initial goals were 10 things I wanted to accomplish and then 50 days later I added in another 3 goals. I am pleased to tell you all I am well on my way to accomplishing all 13 of my goals within the next month 

  • 9/16 is my first embroidery class (Not sure what I'm going to be taking in the 4th qtr yet) 
  • I wanted to do 5 craft events this year and so far I have done 4 and am signed up for another 3 before December
  • I am signed up to display at the Dixie Classic Fair 
Some of my goals were more long term and are still being managed but for now they are all going great. 

This weekend I worked on Quilting my commission quilt and it's ready for binding. (the quilting shows better on the back -- don't mind all the strings, that's from flipping it out on the floor for photos) 
The binding should have been done on Sunday but I am fighting with allergies and medicated so there was no machine operation on Sunday - don't drink and drive people.

Our guild is doing the million pillowcase challenge and I spent some of Sunday making up kits to speed along the assembly for the other ladies. So far I have 25 ready and parts for another 15 - 20. Who wants to get together and make this happen? 
No meetings or classes this week so I plan on making head way on the continual UFO list. 
  • Group 1 (by 9/15) is that pesky binding, Photographing my city scape quilt (as well as Jim's quilt), Working on the backlog of block of the week blocks -- they are cut and just need assembly, sketch newest commission project, finalizing my plans for Quilt Carolina (2 weeks away). 
  • Group 2 (By 9/22) -- finish making pillow case kits, Complete pillow swap item for guild meeting, find art inspiration piece, quilt t-shirt quilt. 
  • Group 3 (Various) -- Block of month (9/1), make 10 pouches (10/5), Update signage for craft fair (10/5), Quilt 2 pending charity quilts (10/22), Finish Little Fish Quilt, Hville Commission (12/1), String Blocks, Crumb Blocks
Hope everyone had a quilty weekend and has a great week. 

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  1. Good for you on your goals! I've been taking some time to look at mine too the last few days now that fall has arrived. I can't face another year of UFO Busting so it's time for me to double down and get quilting!