Wednesday, September 11, 2013

"small" projects

At my recent guild meeting I showed off these current projects I was striving to complete within in the next few weeks. someone mentioned I needed to try making larger projects and stop messing around with these small finishes (such a jokester) and today I reveal them to you all. 
In this corner we have "Jim's Quilt" a commission project at a mere 85 inches by 92 inches. Now that main fabric is not nearly that pink but I am pleased with how it turned out and know that they are going to love it. 
The back shows the quilting better (solid navy no weird sun spot).
I think I have finally found a way to bind a quilt that I don't completely hate and it could be that I've been just doing it backwards all this time. 
I'm not a hand binder (I know -- GASP, I have broken some form of quilting law) but I had been machine binding where I sew to the front and flip to the back and then attach from the front, meaning I have no idea where my edge was so sometimes I missed the edge all together or there was a lot of binding hanging loose. This time I decided to sew to the back and flip to the front this time and it worked out much better for me. I figure I have all those decorative stitches I paid for I might as well use them (this was a real light bulb moment for me folks).

And in the opposing corner we (finally) have "City Scape" measuring a whopping 100 inches by 110 inches. This was the project I made in my paper piecing class I started in January  and I simply love the way it turned out. There are of course things I would add to this quilt if I appliqued like leaves on the tree or a kitty resting on the sidewalk -- maybe one day. 
Here's the improve pieced back -- I think it looks like a flower garden if you were looking through old windows, glass block or even curtains because nothing has definition like on the front. 
So yeah those are my "small" finishes this this week. I think I'll work on some of those other UFOs that may not take me months to complete next. Happy Quilting everyone. 


  1. awesome quilts. the pink stars are striking.

  2. Obviously not small but really terrific!

  3. WHOA! Go you! Why don't you work on a big quilt soon? :P