Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Quilt Carolina in Review

This weekend was awesome and very fabric filled though not much sewing happened, because I was shop hopping with Quilt Carolina. It all started on Thursday evening when I went and dropped off the large commission quilt --- which was a huge hit and then headed over to Greensboro for the first stop of 15 witStudio Stitch -- where I found this beautiful bundle of Parisville by Tula Pink. 
We wanted to get back over to the Winston shops but ran out of time and needed some rest because Friday was all about the Raleigh shops and taking the bus with my buddies Roxanne and Teri. 

Early morning Friday we boarded the bus and were Raleigh bound for a fun filled day of 10 shops most of which I had never been to but now know I will be returning to in the future. Our first shop (and one of my new favs) was Thimble Pleasures. Here I found some more great finds. Aren't those snails adorable? Some Kissing Booth and Birds and Bees as well. 

Then we were off to Wish Upon a Quilt. A few weeks back through Facebook I won a Fabric tulip from them -- I had no idea what this was at the time but now I know I love them. For those of you that are confused by the term it's a bundle of 6 FQ folded up to look like a tulip (very cute), the best part was I got to pick which one I wanted from the entire store. 
See cute right -- and some low volume / neutral fill ins. 

Stop 3 was Quilts Like Crazy and I nearly fell over when I came across Hushabye in yardage none the less -- it was like encountering a unicorn (something you hope happens but doubt it ever will). Teri threw on the sprinkles of having some of the other prints she will graciously share with me (insert happy dance here). 

Up next were Carolina sew n vac and Bernina World of Sewing both lovely shops and had great things but I somehow escaped without making purchases. I do remember lots of great things but these shops were smaller and would have been better enjoyed in a smaller group. The shopping mojo kicked back in when we went to My Sewing Shoppe
Another fabric tulip and those cute bicycles along with this great panel that is the inspiration for a new project I will hopefully get to design and work on soon. 
Quilting Treasures - Victorian Dream by Roberta Morales - Steampunk PANEL in Squares & Circles on Dark Brown
The Cary Quilting Company  also had many great treasures and is another place that would be better enjoyed in a smaller group. I did manage to find these adorable foxes and scooped them up. 
Lone Star Mercantile was a neat store for people that are into making things with wool, so instead I decided this was time for some food. because it was already getting close to 7 pm and there wasn't a dinner break scheduled because we were supposed to be back home by 9 pm and there was another stop to go. 

So all the tired ladies boarded the bus for one final stop before home and it was totally worth it -- Loving Stitches is in Fayetville, NC and they have some amazing selection and staff that all eagerly greeted us as we rolled in at 8 pm just as though we had been the first customers of the day. There was a bigger purchase made here as well to go with my new Steampunk Panel but no individual picture because we left there at 9 pm for the long 3 hour trip back home -- meaning we got back to the drop off just after midnight. 

Saturday Teri calls me and we made plans with Roxanne to hit up the local shops Knit One Smock TooLittle GeneralSew Original and Sewingly Yours. There were more purchases made and more fabric goodness. 
All in all Quilt Carolina was a blast and I will defiantly do it again.  

Here's a preview of the fabrics I have collected so far for the Steampunk Quilt -- I'm super excited to start this one. 


  1. Steampunk quilt looks like it's gonna be fun! Looks like you found lots of fabric goodies! :D

  2. Love all the Tula! I am planning a Steampunk too! Cant wait to see yours

  3. Tula, Tula, TULA! I confess I got a lil bit tired of reading this and reliving the trip again. Yea, I would do it again too... plan better, though, won't we? Did they give a form to evaluate? I think we have some good ideas for improvement. So glad to hear that YOU are glad you went. I am chilling tomorrow after being stupid busy for too long so I just might sit and doodle steampunk quilt stuffs, eeep! :D

  4. Hi, I just stumble onto this post and would love to get some info on a couple of the steampunk fabrics you purchased, especially the blue celestial design and the 2 greens (the one next to the blue and the batik one).