Monday, July 11, 2016

Wonderland Swap

I have to say that the best thing about going on a quilt retreat is meeting people that you know online in real life and then finding out that they are as amazing as they seem and totally get you. 

What's even better is being able to meet people and find out they have similar interests as you outside of quilting and then something awesome happens -- private swapping and secret making. 

A few months back I came across an Alice in Wonderland swap that I was hesitant about because many of the people signing up were private and this was an all crafts swap, being hosted by a person I wasn't very aware of the level of the swap. (Ok, that sounds kinda stuck up / rude but I've done a fair share of swaps and by this time I know what I am looking out for and to listen to that little voice in my head when it says step away.) 

Fortunately for me, one of those awesome people that I've met through blogging, swapping and retreating is Karri -- so i ask her opinion of this swap and because I know she is a Wonderland lover as well, and might want to join in. We come to the decision that a private swap is probably going to make both of us happier and take out the mystery element of craft swap. So I set out to unsecretly stalk her pinterest board and began drafting up an idea. 

She said she wanted something for her home like a wall hanging or pillow or a bag -- works for me cause that's what I enjoy making most. 

my initial draft started to take shape and evolve

I'm super excited about the finished mini (to the point that I forgot to take a completed photo of the top) and came close to keeping it for myself but it, and some goodies were Karri bound as the quarter wrapped up. 
I anticipated it's arrival and you all already know quilty friends are the best so here's the awesomeness that now joins my Wonderland collection. 

This was my 13th finish in the 2nd quarter. 


  1. Those both are wonderful and I'm sure you had fun making it.

  2. fabulous! I love text on quilts and have been doing some improv piecing of letters recently. I'm guessing yours were paper pieced, was it a paid for pattern?