Friday, July 1, 2016

June Sew and Stash Report

The month started slow and involved a room rearrangement which helped to break the mental block I was having -- the other thing that really helped was a great fabric sale at Sewingly Yours. 10 yards of indulgence.
I got things started by completing my bee blocks. One of the ladies is fairly new to quilting and is building her stash so I sent her a care package of goodies along with her blocks (-6 yards)
I made up my traveling quilt center and label block (-.5 yards) 
I made the exterior pockets for the Weekender project (-1 yard)
I joined in with several others of you in making heart blocks for the Orlando shooting victims and sent some extras for binding or backing (-6 yards) 
I made some special kitty memorial blocks 
I've been busy working on an Alice in Wonderland Mini to swap with my friend Karri that should be arriving to her any time now. (-2 yards) -- I finished it and shipped it off without a full completion photo, oops.
I'm not one that usually does things in the realm of home dec or clothing alteration but I hemmed up 4 sets of curtains for a friend and also took the cut off from one set to make a valance for her kitchen -- I always remember a little to late why this is not my thing, but it turned out pretty good anyway. 

So only one real finish this month and I'll be doing a full post on that soon (once my recipient sends me a photo) but it's still been a full and fulfilling month. I started the month at 92.5 yards lighter for the year -- brought in 10 yards this month and cleared out 15.5 yards. New total for 2016 is 98 yards lighter for the year. 

OOOOOOhhh so close to the 100 yards mark but I know that will happen in July because I'm doing 2 swap projects and hope to finish off some straggler projects that didn't quite get finished this month/quarter that are really close to being completed. 

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  1. Not a bad month after all considering. Keep it up and you'll definitely get to your goal.