Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Piggy Bank Savings -- Round 2

Val's Quilting Studio
In 2014 I cam across Val's Piggy Bank Savings Challenge and linked up not thinking much about the dollars that I was squirreling away , the real surprise was at the end of that round I had saved over $1100 (and i had bought a Featherweight) without really trying. 

I joined up again for the 2015 - 2016 round and now it's time to anti up again to see what kind of savings the year has held. When I realized that the end was near I wasn't feeling very hopeful for my savings this year because of the nearly 6 months I spent doing very little which meant little had been put into the savings jar because I couldn't climb the stairs. 
I knew that my online savings had been depleted by $350 to attend Stash Bash and the savings jar had also taken a $200 hit before the retreat for some spending cash for fabric shops on the way to retreat. ($550 in Stash Bash Withdraws)

Val was kind enough to send us a reminder a month before the link up as a final push (though I read it as being a week away instead of a month away) so I got to counting and money rolling and see what damage had been done. 
A $130 in the stash jar and add in $30.50 in rolled change 
a Surprise find of $40 in the rolled coin storage -- from where I had sold quarters to my husband for car washes (yeah you read that right, i sold him back his loose change.) 

Bringing the saved total to $200.50 

Honestly, I was kind of disappointed by this number, after having done so well last year. Then I remembered that I did have a downstairs savings spot to put cash while I had been injured and found another ...... $700. 

This is mostly from selling some items and was contributed to by my husband since last years savings went to him to buy a supercharger for his car. (it's a good thing he's cute)

Total savings this year -- $900.50 and a trip to quilt retreat. Since I was a month early on my counting I'm just going to add the bits I've saved this month toward next years pot.  

I'm not really sure what fun things will come from this money but I do know there are several wonderful things that I saw on Instagram from Quilt Market that have my attention and there is talk of going to Quilt Con in February.  


  1. Boy I thought I had done well at a little over $300. You did FANTASTIC!!!!!!! I think I need to try a little harder or find out your secret for stashing away so much :-). Good luck on next year. I'm doing it too.

  2. I'm glad you included the amount saved and used for the quilt seriously motivate me at my own challenge Katie! I am definitely going to be more intentional this year! GREAT JOB!!!! WooT Woo!!!!

  3. Wow! Fantastic job. Have fun at the quilt retreat!

  4. Very impressive! You need to teach a class :)

  5. wow, and here's me spending my coins to take the weight out of my wallet. That's an amazing amount of coin.
    And you both are cute!
    LeeAnna at not afraid of color

  6. wow wow wow, you are the savings queen!!!!

  7. You always blow me away with how much you are able to save. Nicely done.