Friday, December 5, 2014

Super Sparkly Magical Mail

MORE exciting mail this week -- my Hogwarts Swap items arrived today and OMG, it was exactly the teaser photos that I loved so much in the feed. @projectleasa knocked it out of the park -- she blogs over at Project Leasa, be sure to check her out she's awesome. 

Cute packaging -- with little notes on them.

The front and back of an AWESOME tote -- there are so many cute fabrics on this bag that I spent at least half an hour just examining it and checking out all the cute critters. Then I looked inside and found this sparkly goodness and adorable little skulls in the pockets. 

Here's a shot of the extra goodies and treats that she included -- she really knows the way to this gal's heart, it's with chocolate, white chocolate and caramel. LOVE those Ravenclaw socks, I know how hard finding Ravenclaw stuff. Look how cute that Owlie is, love him. 

Here's another beauty shot of my awesome new bag -- I can't wait to take it out and show it off cause I know so many of my quilty friends are going to love it as much as I do. Even my hubby was a little jealous about this one -- but I told him I would share the treats and he could look at my bag. 

Another HUGE thank you goes out to Leasa for really making this an awesome package just for me. 


  1. What a super tote and love the little owl!

  2. Really nice. I'm sure you will enjoy all of your goodies.