Thursday, December 4, 2014

IG Mini Quilt Swap sent

I, Katie Yoakum am addicted to swaps. As I tell you this I am currently signed up for another 3 swaps that are starting in 2015. 

This time it's the awesome IG Mini Swap that was planned by @curly_boy1 and had the aid of many wonderful swap mamas -- there was something like 500 people in this swap so I know it was an insane amount of work to pull off. A huge Thank You goes out to @curly_boy and my swap mama @clariepoppins

So I got my partner @jkimr and was instantly freaked out because she's pretty awesome and knows some other awesome people that I know. I struggled with this swap cause I had no clear definition on which way to go, her likes, dislikes or general color pallet. I pulled several fabric groupings and thought about several different pattern options but noting felt right. 

So I decided to cheat my way into an awesome mini that I knew she'd more than likely love. I took a pattern I knew she loves -- Shirts by Carolyn Friedlander and blew it up mini size (300%). I then took some Nordika by Jeni Baker that some one had given me (not in the color way I preferred from this line) but knew she liked them because they are in most of the pictures that she likes and created this .... 
Super-UBER Adorable Shirt. 

Did you see that this shirt has buttons and a pocket? 

Everything just lined up so well on this project -- and I only threw a tantrum once when putting it together. I went for paisleys and a few chrysanthemums the quilting because I couldn't make up my mind which I wanted but the real star here is the shirt and the fabric. 

I threw in some goodies and shipped her off. 

Some cool stuff happened to me during this swap -- lots of celebrity name dropping (and nerding out) so brace yourself. Carolyn Friedlander likes it and left a comment. My swap mama tried to convince me to send it to her instead. 
Carolyn Friedlander, Jeni Baker and John Q Adams left comments. (my partner gives it 3 heart faces) 
Just another look 
My partner's feedback was -- super positive. 

I think she likes it -- at least a little anyway. Now let's hope I do as well with those 3 swaps pending in January. Happy Quilting everyone!!  


  1. So awesome! You deserve the celebrity attention, your mini is wonderful.

  2. this was such an awesome original idea!! I may have to make a big one for myself now lol... it is amazing!

  3. It is adorable and if it had come my way I would have given it 3 hearts too. Nicely done.