Tuesday, December 2, 2014

IG mini received

Swap addict check in time -- This time it's the #IGMiniQuiltSwap.

I'm taking a vaca week this week and met the postman at the box yesterday as I had a package going out, but the real surprise for me was the 4 packages that he handed me in return. Now some of it was gifts that I had ordered as part of hubby's Christmas but there was a very exciting looking international post. 
Now I'm thinking that it is the #HogwartsSwap item but once I read the lovely card I realized it was the IG Mini -- mine is shipping later this week. So here she is the newest lovely made by the awesome Isabelle from Dizzy Quilts. 

The Quilting on this is so awesome and I love that she used so many fabrics that I love. She also threw in some lovely goodies that hit on so many of the things that I am kind of obsessed with -- thread, notebooks, pink and precut squares. (again look at the awesome quilting)
She's joined the wall of AWE and fits in very nicely with all the other lovelies. 
Isn't this a happy wall!! Another big thank you goes out to Isabelle for making something so lovely to come and live with me. 

This picture is a reminder to me that I have another 3 swaps and a commission coming up in January that I need to get a move on. Part of those are in that pile on the table, well at least I have the rest of the week off and a few of those days are devoted to quilting. YAY!!


  1. That is indeed a Happy wall. I love the mini that Isabelle made. What a great parcel to open.

  2. Thank you for such a great post! :-). I am super happy my little quilt is such great company and went to such a good home.

  3. This mini is awesome and it looks like it fits in perfectly with the rest :)

  4. Very nice mini. It looks like you have quite a collection started!