Monday, December 22, 2014

For The last week of the year

So, I mentioned about a week ago that I had a dozen projects on the UFO list and I wanted to knock as many out as I could before 2015. In the last week I am happy to report that 3 things have been moved over to the completed pile. I will be doing complete posts on these items soon -- once it stops raining.

Disney Mini is now awaiting mailing on 1/5
Amber's baby Quilt is awaiting delivery 1/5
Rainbow Ends is ready for guild meeting 1/27

As for the other things on my list -- there has been some progress and I hope that I will be able to move a few more along during this holiday week (only 2 days of work this week).

Bible Studies Quilt -- I got it basted and it's waiting to be quilted (hopefully tomorrow night or Wednesday)

Milky Way Medallion -- waiting to be quilted

Rush Hour -- waiting to be quilted

The Snowflake -- waiting to be basted

Grand Illusion -- still on step 1 but I have all the parts of those blocks ready to stitch together 

Schnitzel and Boo -- my ideas are coming together and I ever pulled some fabrics and need to look for a few more. 

Bitches Get Stitches Swap -- I have a solid idea now I just have to figure out what fabrics / colors I want to use for Union Jack -- my partner loves British Humor, so along with some paper piecing I will be using embroidery for profanity embellishments. 

Rainbow Mini -- I was meaning to pull fabrics for schnitzel and boo but ended up with a lively assortment of scraps for this project as well and I'm liking the direction that this one is heading. 

String Blocks and trip along blocks -- nothing to report at this time. 

Thanks to all my cheerleaders from my last post -- lets see if I can keep the momentum up and finish out the year on a high note. 

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  1. Congratulations on your finishes - don't rush, enjoy the journey.

  2. Wow! You are tearing through that list! Way to go! And thanks for linking up to Building Blocks Tuesday this week.

  3. Horray for getting things done. Everything looks great, I especially love the paisley quilting. Here's to a productive new year!

  4. congrats....isn't it great to finish the UFO's. Nice job. Happy Holidays.

  5. Yeah for the finishes and I hope that you'll have a few more to add to the list for this year.