Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A Dozen or so things in only a Dozen (plus 4) days

SO we all have UFO's right? I think it's a part of being creative, having options about what to work on -- (yeah that's one of the lies I tell my self about the UFO's).

I've decided to challenge myself and see how many of the pending projects I can push towards completion in these last 16 days of 2014. This is a good time for me to set this goal for myself, since hubby's job hours have changed a bit and now I will have a few extra hours in the evenings to get in some quilting. 

As the pile / list stands now I have a dozen projects in the works or with upcoming deadlines, some have a little left to do and others well they are still in the theory / planning stages. 

  • The project with the least to do is my Disney Mini Quilt -- this has to be mailed out by early January -- it only needs binding. My LQS had our holiday party last night and I was able to pick up some cute red and white fabric to complete this one -- now I have no excuse. (aprox time to complete 1 hour) 
  • My Milky Way Medallion is ready to be quilted -- honestly it has been for some time now (aprox time to complete 8+ hours)
  • Rush Hour is ready for quilting (aprox time to complete 5 hours)
  • I have 4 projects ready to be basted -- Rainbow ends, Bible Studies Quilt, Amber's baby Quilt (due 1/5) and The Snowflake. I now have backing for all of these projects thanks to the clearance sale at the LQS. (aprox 4 hours to make backing and baste them all). Amber's quilt is the one that I will probably quilt first and it should only take a few hours. 
I really want to get the Bible Studies project out of my UFO pile as well -- 2 years is long enough in my mind.
  • I am currently dragging behind on making my Bonnie Hunter Grand Illusion blocks -- seriously I have 10 blocks of the first step made. I have decided that my GI will be half size so I only will be making half the blocks on each step.
  • Now January is also where 2 other swap deadlines are calling out at me but those are both later in the month so no real rush yet -- Schnitzel and Boo is due 1/23 and the Bitches Get Stitches Swap is due 1/30. I've had some thoughts about both of these but no fabric has been selected. (I've signed up for the Rainbow Swap as well but that's due in April.) 
  • My Scrappy Trip Along blocks and String blocks are in no hurry so I'm not really worried about those at this time -- I may hold on to the trip along blocks till the retreat in April, something easy to put together and still chat with everyone. 
I feel that if I could knock at least 5 of these projects out in the next 16 days that would be a great start to 2015. As for tonight I will be decorating my Christmas tree ... finally. 


  1. So busy! I am tired now after reading! Good luck on all of your goals :)

  2. Good luck! I am very worried to make a list of my UFOs!

  3. I like your goal and I'll be watching to see how you do.