Tuesday, June 3, 2014

when it comes to fabric I always say GO big or GO home --

Well apparently when your supposed to be on a fabric diet it may be better to just stay home -- or else an epic fail can result.

I had been doing so well in May and only bought for a mini swap project and then this weekend I went to my niece's graduation from High School. Well,  along the way I made a few stops at fabric shops -- some for things I needed and others were to get out of the car. The resulting purchases are a bit shameful but I know if I had it to do over most of this fabric would still have came home with me anyway.
I went after Wee Wander and some Kona
A guild mate told us about a small shop that had some Prince Charming and Parrisville so I knew I was going to buy some of those 
I also found some AMH Innocent Crush on clearance so I couldn't pass that up 
I've been working on finishing up another person's UFO and needed some fabrics that would finish these up -- and these metro rings are always useful. 
As are these little circles and a few other blenders 
Super cute fabric for $2 a yard to use for backing 
Fun fabrics that I will be using to fussy cut for my next Gypsy wife or economy blocks. 
A fun bag of strings that I hope to put to use real soon in my rainbow strings. 
See I told ya'll shameful -- but awesome. I'm already planning many new projects to use most of it and just hope that I have room to store it until then -- perhaps I need another destash to make room but as is apparent I would probably just refill it. So I'm going to take the fabric diet one day at a time and really try to not have another purge like this until the shop hop in September. 

Happy quilting everyone. 


  1. I am sure you will them all to good use - and it was fun, wasn't it?!!

  2. Yummy fabrics. I bought fabric last month. A friend was having a destash and I had to have some more Kaffe.

  3. Oh, I could never pass up Tula

  4. This bloggie makes me smile/laugh for a few diff reasons! Girl, you have done pretty well on you fabric fast! And you have scored some bangin' deals! If you bad gotten this stuff retail, it would have been 3 to 5 times more cos most of this was deep discount (even the so-called 'regularly priced' stuff.) Besides, it's like your friend said above, who can pass up Talula? I had fun hanging wit tyou for part of the adventure too!

  5. Cant...stop...laughing,,,cant c...atch ...my ...breath...

  6. this is awesome. Epic win!!!!