Monday, June 30, 2014

Kitty goes to the Playground

Earlier this week, I was taking pictures of my Schnitzel and Boo mini and the kitty was in the car so the kitty got to take photos in the playground also.
Be sure to observe all rules
Test out the awesome-ness of the slide
Take an imaginary trip 
Climb around on the jungle gym
Silly Kitty -- get out of that tree
Pick some flowers 
is this the snack bar?  

I'm hoping to name the kitty soon and am looking for your suggestions. 


  1. You silly goose! WHere are kitties eyes so she can take in all those adventures? I like Rosa - spanish for pink.

  2. These crack me up too! I am glad she finally got some eyes. Here are my name suggestions: Felina or just plain o' Pink. I hope you take more silly pics on your trips.... I think they are hiLARious!

  3. Very cute. I'd probably do that too. Quilt get photo shoots so why not your kitty too.