Monday, June 2, 2014

May your bobbin always be full

It seems like it was only a few days ago that May started and now June is here. I some how managed to get 2 quilts finished this month and totally forgot to share them with you guys. 

First up is Day at the Beach -- this was completed from scrap strips and squares to make a mock version of the Jelly Roll Race 2. 
It measures 45 by 60 so that means another 5 yards of stash were used on this project.
 I worked more on my FMQ swirls on this one and I am generally quite happy with the outcome. 

The second finish is Allison's Triangles -- this one was mostly created from stash fabrics but I did buy a few things to make sure that I had enough variety in my triangles and to make the over 500 triangles that it took. It measures 60 by 75 and uses about 10 yards of fabrics. 
because of all the busy on the front I went with simple loopy FMQ except where I quilted her name into it.  
I can't wait to give it to her on her next birthday. My nieces always get their quilts close to their birthday nearest to their graduations and her's is next year so I'm ahead of the game. 

I hope everyone had a great finish up for May -- I'll be writing about my fabriholics Fail for the month soon.


  1. Two great quilts and you did a lovely job quilting them. Being a head of a date - that's a good thing.

  2. Bugs? What bugs? And 500 triangles, oh my! I love your quilt and I'm sure your niece will, too.

  3. I specially love the triangle quilt. Beautiful colours, and I like the little peeks of daisies here and there. So pretty!

  4. -15 yards nice destash here! The JRR quilt looks great with the navy ... love it!

  5. Love these but really like the Jellyroll Race 2.0!

  6. Your triangle quilt is so fun! Your niece will love it I'm sure.

  7. A couple of impressive finishes! Love the triangle quilt!!!

  8. Beautiful finish! and what a great gift. Love the loops and swirls! A treasure for sure:)