Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Deadlines are looming

This post is mostly to help keep myself in check when it comes to all the ongoing projects that I have coming up so that I don't miss any deadlines. Looks like the next few months are going to be busy ones with lots of fun projects going on. Who knows what might be getting added. 

In June I need to ....
  • bind 2 quilts -- June 15
  • Pattern testing -- June 17
  • finish orphan block quilts -- June 24
In July ....
  • Schnitzel&Boo mini for my swap partner -- July 7

  • Pink Blocks -- July 19
  • Modern Quilt Guild Challenge fabrics -- June 25  July 25

For August ...
  • Quilt Gypsy Wife -- August 1
September ...
  • Mom's Apron -- September 7
  • Mason's Quilt -- September 16
  • Chris' Car Quilt -- September 23
And In the 4th Quarter... 
  • Halloween Quilt Commission -- October 1
  • Thanksgiving quilt Commission -- November 1
  • Christmas quilt Commission -- December 1


  1. I can't even think beyond getting my H2H challenge quilts done this weeknight moving has messed up my schedule.

  2. good luck with all your deadlines. I need to get back to focusing on mine. Didn't the MQG deadline get pushed?

  3. Love your pull for the Schnitzel&Boo mini--can't wait to see what your overall design is like. Speaking of designs, are you still going with your original idea for the MM Challenge? I have NO idea what I am doing for that. So, that August fabric... is that GW2??? ;) You got this!