Friday, June 27, 2014

Kitty pulls himself together for the TMQG meeting

My lesson in yarn gauge that has resulted in a larger Amineko kitty than anticipated has been coming together this last week as I am still on restricted use of my feet. (Kinda creepy view in my car the other day of the WIP). 
I finally was able to get an apt with my doctor regarding the swelling so I used this opportunity to work on the face -- I'm pretty happy with the embroidery work. 
Then I put the muzzle and ears on the body. How adorable, am I right? 
So right before the guild meeting I got my Amineko cat finished (except the eyes) and he was a big hit --
When I brought him back home after the meeting I let the kitties see him -- he received mixed reviews. 
One of the things that the story of the amineko illustrates is all the fun things that these kitties like to do so be sure to stay tuned for Kitty's first outing. 


  1. Too cute! And I love the suspicious looks on the real fur babes.

  2. These pics crack me up! I love the guys on the stairs. You never know what they smell when we bring stuff in from outside.

  3. Hehe. They were probably wondering if this new guy is going to eat all of their treats.