Monday, August 26, 2013

We are all children of chance

"Remember to be gentile with yourself and others. We are all children of chance and none can say why some fields will blossom while others lay brown beneath the August sun." --- Kent Nerburn 

I stumbled upon this quote today when thinking about the start of school in this area and all the changes that are occurring for various people that I know, but to me it also can relate to those UFOs we all have around some just seem to be easier to make progress on or finish while other lay dormant waiting for a season to shine or become reinvented. In this last week of August I strive to have more projects shining than laying around and this weekend was a great example of getting things done. 
Designer showcase completed -- ready to be sent out for the secret sister swap along with some other goodies that I hope she likes. 
August BOM completed 
Guild Mug Rug completed 
I tried my hand at pebbling -- not super happy with it but this was a great chance to practice and it looks far better on the front with all the busier fabrics and I may still fill in some of the gaps. 
My friends that quilt with me know I throw scraps and threads on the floor when I sew, so I cleaned up my work space and started working on string blocks to use up some of my scrappy strings. 
25 blocks so far and no real solid plan for these yet but I am loving them and they are so much fun to make. I am running low on variety of some colors so this may be an ongoing project for a while till I make more scraps or get donations from my sewing friends. Between these and crumb blocks I use stuff most people throw away, meanwhile my trash is filled with these "sprinkles" of fabric, strings, threads and fabric dust. 
So in the spirit of blossoming projects and hopefully being able to link up for a Friday finish, here's what's on the agenda to try and complete this week. 
Bind City Scape -- at least attach the binding to the front (ya'll know how much I hate binding).
Bonus BoM -- would like to have it completed for the meeting 9/3. I'm probably going to cut these pieces at lunch today. 
catch up on BoW blocks -- currently 8 behind and more may be coming tonight but they are on an accelerated release to help people wanting to complete by the holidays so this is no rush.

Lots going on this weekend and even more things planned for next month and that is in spite of instances like this, that derail the creative process. 
September is going to be a busy one with family birthdays (Mother in Law and hubby), Quilt Carolina Shop Hop and gearing up for Asheboro Fall Festival in early October, which I got my letter of acceptance for over the weekend. 
This one is going to be special for me because as a child I went every year with my mother and marveled at the creativity of others and now it's my turn to participate and hopefully help fulfill holiday shopping lists and pass along my love of quilting. 

Happy quilting everyone and may your creativity blossom. 


  1. That is exciting that you are in a craft festival. I went to a local craft festival last weekend and was inspired by all the creative people that showed their wares.

  2. Hi! I love what you are doing ~ the stringies rock! And that show in Asheboro sounds like fun. Hubby has family from down that way... are you from Asheboro?

  3. Love it! Thanks for sharing your link with me...I think I have to go vacuum my studio now :)

  4. You have many wonderful things here! Love the Designer Showcase block! I will have to look into the Carolina Shop Hop. I am in Charlotte.

  5. Lots of beautiful string projects and don't you just love string blocks from scraps!! What a wonderful quote also! Thanks for sharing.
    Freemotion by the River Linky Party Tuesday

  6. Sounds like you need to make yourself one of those little thread catcher baskets for next to your machine. Then you'd have to break the habit of tossing the bits on the floor and actually get them in there!

  7. I just love everything you have posted, you just make me smile! I am starting to get back to looking at blogs again. In fact another one made me think of your post when I saw it :

    I look forward to seeing what you do with the strings and what I will see when I look at your achieves to see what I have missed the last couple of months! Take care!