Thursday, August 1, 2013

Quilter ADD

Apparently I have a severe case of Quilter ADD lately, I was looking over the month of July and didn't really seem to accomplish anything of note. My UFO list has gotten longer and there are deadlines that are approaching -- one in a matter of 15 days for a completed quilt. I cut the squares for it at the sit and sew but that's about as far as I got with that one -- I got distracted by other fabric and sorting fabrics for the guild and didn't work on the project. It's a quick pattern and now that things are cut I am feeling confident in getting at least the top completed but it is weighing heavy on me right now. I have 2 swaps due by the end of the month as well and another that is in the first few days of September. This weekend at the sew in and some at home the guild stash got reorganized and sorted into projects. 

So why no real quilting progress this weekend (despite the sew in)? --- One of my kitties has been sick and that is very distracting to the creative process. Hurley is doing much better now that he has been treated with antibiotics for some pesky virus so quilting will resume as scheduled ASAP. 

August is a new month and we have got to get rolling with these projects because they sure aren't going to finish themselves and there is a time crunch with upcoming evens for Fall. 

Deadlines first --- 
  • Jim's Quilt (or at least the top) -- Aug 16
  • Pouches (to sell at events) -- next event is Aug 16, with others in consideration for Aug 17 and Aug 24
  • Mug Rug Swap for Guild -- Aug 27 (I have the cup now to make the rug) 
  • Sister thing swap -- Aug 30 (she may get the Designer Showcase as this was initially supposed to be for her but then I decided I loved it and it's to the point of quilting)
  • Next Block of the Month -- Sept 3 
  • Fussy Squares -- Sept 7
  • Travel Pillow Swap for Guild -- Sept 24
Other & Ongoing Projects --- 
  • Complete City Scape -- by Sept 30 (I have a crazy idea)
  • Complete T Shirt quilt -- by Christmas 
  • Bind Baby Sampler -- by Aug 16 (just stitching it down)
  • Feathering Project 
  • Modified 1600 (just a top currently)
  • Little Fish Quilt (just a top currently)
  • Log Cabin out of guild stash -- pending
  • Block of the week (currently caught up) 

  • Crumb Blocks -- I've made 10 so far 

I've made a plan that I am not starting another project until I knock a few of these out -- I know this is a common lie quilters tell ourselves and there are so many ideas bubbling in my head right now that I may not stick with it but I hope that by Monday I have something to show for this week if I can get this ADD reined in enough this weekend. 

Happy Quilting Everyone --- oooh look a bunny 


  1. I was stressed out about some bee blocks last weekend. Thankfully they went out in the mail on Tuesday. All I have left is my scrap swap and I think I have the perfect mug rugs done for that.

  2. Katie!!! you won my traveling stash box.. please contact me at.. ddsdoubles at hotmail dot com..