Thursday, August 15, 2013

Lost Cats

So glad to see that so many of you enjoyed my pets on quilts post earlier this week, I thought I would do a follow up. All of our kitties we've ever had have found us in one way or another, some have stayed with us a short time and others much longer. My kitties on quilts post from earlier this week is proof of that and one of the most common questions I received is how many cats I have -- 4 for now. Well this is now .... 

Tuesday night I was catching up on blogs and vegging out instead of working on my UFO projects and something caught my (and 3 kitty's) eye, there was a small black cat running around in the parking lot. Now we have strays by the house quite frequently but this one was a new one and seemed very confused. My husband has a soft spot for black cats and decided he was going out to check on it, so with a be careful warning from me he went out the door to check on this cat. I'm expecting the cat to run, fight or cower away (as strays do), instead he leaped into my husband's arms and proceeds to lay on his back -- this is obviously not stray behavior and he is someone's cat. So the hubs calls me outside to bring some food and water so that we can check him out and try to figure out where this kitty may have come from. None of the neighbors had seen him before so we took him in for the night and planned to expand our search on the following day. I decided it was time to work on the little blocks swap project and not have a totally wasted evening. I knocked these cuties out and will be mailing them later in the month -- once I get some feedback as to which ones people like the most as I made 7 extra ones. (YAY a finish this month). 
So as I am preparing to put them away for safe keeping I hear a kitty jump onto the table and plop down -- basking in the light of the desk lamp I'm sure. This is not OK. I turn to shoo whoever this is off the table (thinking it's Doodle) and this was the face looking back at me. 
Someone has made himself awfully comfortable real quick. I get him down and he  then goes to sit on the sewing pedal (running a few stitches) before jumping into my chair. I see you mister trying to win me over -- but it's not going to work. I don't want to get attached because I know you have a home, somewhere. 
Yesterday evening my neighbor came home during one of the rare instances I am outside and she asked me if I had seen the little black kitty because her daughter is worried about it. (See I knew it was someone's kitty) I told her we had brought him in for the evening hoping to find out where he belonged and I would go get him for her. She says "oh he's not our cat, he followed us home the other night from the old horse farm and he was the only kitty up there." This place has been empty for a few years now since the SPCA shut them down and the other houses in that area are rentals that change tenants regularly. This is looking more like a pet dump situation -- I tell my husband what the neighbor reported and he says "OK, let's start thinking of a name." -- and with that we became a 5 kitty household once again. 
"I like this quilt you are making for me." 

We've been a 5 kitty household before it's no big deal to us but now we do need a name and I am looking for suggestions. He's solid black with gold eyes, very talkative and super affectionate. I'm open for suggestions. 

Happy quilting everyone -- I hope I am able to get lots of sewing done this weekend with all this kitty distraction in the house. I really would like to have a few more finished projects this month. We'll see. 


  1. Oh poor baby - hate when people dump kittens on farms - we use to get that all the time when we had the dairy. TAR - he has stuck to you like black tar. I love black kitties too.

  2. So glad he found you. I vote for George, like the prince!

  3. I an so happy this cute little kitty has picked you! All your "cats on quilts" look so happy and indulged ... :-) Pat