Friday, August 9, 2013

Two roads diverged in the wood

And that has made all the difference in me. 

The 5th anniversary is traditionally celebrated with a gift of wood and five years ago I married for the 2nd time in my life to a great guy I met at a crossroads in my life and that has made a huge difference in the person that I am today and every day. He is super supportive of my hobbies and interests and even helps me design some of my projects. As I mentioned a few weeks ago me anniversary gift was upgrading my sewing machine. So when it came time to get his gift I was stumped (hehehe wood puns). He is a hard person to buy surprises for and I am terrible at keeping secrets from him. I found an awesome thing online and decided that was the gift and placed the order – only to find out it would not be here in time but it would be here for his birthday (not fixing the current delima). I thought and thought about it and nothing came to me. Finally yesterday (on our anniversary) I decided go out and look one more time. Lucky me I found a great gift and I’m super excited about it so I rush home get everything ready. We exchange gifts and he’s excited about what I got him but I can tell something’s not right there’s a splinter to this gift. He already ordered the same thing online and it’s in transit currently and should arrive Monday – Dam. 

My little gift of course was pur-fect. (Chris 1 – Kaite 0) 

Out to dinner we go. One of our favorite restaurants just opened a location in Winston so I thought yeah this is going to be great and some redemption for gifting something he already had. We decided to take my car because I noticed the gas light came on before I got home and it would keep me from having to stop before work this morning. We get half a mile from the house and my husband says the car isn't acting right and about that time all these lights come on, on the dash board so we pull off and the engine looks fine, figuring it’s just needing gas we attempt to take it back home and it sputters out completely. We hike back to the house get the other car and proceed to the gas station, making it back to the car about 45 minutes later. (Chris 2 – Katie 0) 
Starving at this point we press on go to the restaurant – at least dinner will be great. The new location is not homey like the other location but the food was still great --- at least mine was. Chris had to send his steak back because it had no flavor but then he got ribs and was happy with those. He looks at me and says I know in a few years we're gonna laugh about this but I surely hope or next anniversary is better than this one. I guess I had better start planning now. Maybe we could go to Hershey, PA for that one -- it is traditionally the candy anniversary. 
On the quilting front -- it's going to be a slow weekend for quilting as we are heading to the in-laws for the weekend but I am hoping to be able to attend the sew in on Sunday if we get back in time. 

Things I  would like to accomplish by Monday (but probably won't)
- completing the little blocks for the flicker swap 
- constructing and attaching the final boarder to Jim's quilt
- 4 block of the week blocks 
- 2 block of the month blocks
- making a few small pouches for the event Friday
- Mug Rug for guild swap 
- finish Designers showcase for sister swap 

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  1. Congrats on #5! We'll celebrate our #7 in a few weeks and they get better :o) The ones that are a little hinky only make the good ones better! Congratulations again and here's to another 5 for you two!!