Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Winner, Winner, Steak Dinner

Sew what!
This just kinda sums it up for me -- I may be making this in the near future for the craft room. 

Last week I was notified by Bonnie Hunter that I had won her giveaway for this great Christmas fabric bundle that will be available soon for purchase and it is so vibrant and lovely. I can't wait to be able to use it and eventually get some more because it is more universal than usual Christmas fabrics. Taking it to the guild meeting tonight for show and tell -- I might better put a tracker on this fabric knowing how some of you guys are about squishy goodness. This line was designed bellen medlock so be sure to check her out, lots of good stuff going on over there. 
I also sold something on Etsy finally and got a custom order from the Yadkin Arts event on Friday. Then, Sewingly Yours was having a big anniversary sale this weekend and I went to get fabrics for the custom order. Here's my haul designed around his chosen focus fabric -- the dotted one on the top and I will be using the monolith pattern by my pal the amazing Kelly Wood. 
With every $25 spent you got a raffle ticket. Well one of my tickets won and as a prize I got a new travel machine -- Viking H Class 100 Q. Very exciting indeed because this is a great little machine and if I had not already had a little baby I would have been over the moon about it. The drawback for me was the weight this is a heavy baby and I frequently bring my machine different places so I knew it would be a hassle. 
I have been looking for some time at other machines and thinking about where i want to take my quilting to help set me apart from others and be able to make a different variety of things to incorporate into my craft booths. Combining my resources more easily would get me to the point that I wanted to be so I decided it was time to take the leap and trade in both machines toward a new one. 
Introducing my new Viking Designer Ruby -- she's an embroidery and sewing machine and wonderful and now she needs a name. So I am turning to you my friends to help me out with suggestions. 
 My hubby tells me that this is my 5 year anniversary gift for our upcoming anniversary on 8/8 -- not a bad trade off if I do say so myself. The mean part was when he told me that I couldn't use it till then (liar). we also picked out some threads to get me started and I love how they look in the box -- like beautiful candy. 
Int the house not 5 minutes and a kitty has already claimed the box for his own -- silly Kahn O'Maley. 
My other early gift was a new iron that I got over a week ago and it is also awesome but I will have to write a review of it in a later posting. 
I also crossed another thing off my to do list for this year -- I was finally able to take a class with my friend Lee Monroe and she taught me about making pouches. Though we mostly laughed and caused trouble for sweet Gail that took the class with us. the finished project is something that I am glad I was able to complete but the definition of pouch may have been stretched quite a bit. (that photo is taken with the pouch leaning against the machine as a size comparison). 
She showed me how to add an inner pocket but with it being this large it may need a strap to be used as a large purse instead but it would be great for taking supplies back and forth to classes because at least a 9 inch square will fit inside and a 10 inch will but it's trickier with the zipper. 
Not much other sewing happening this weekend but I did go see the new movie RED 2 -- and loved it and went out with my father for his birthday to one of our favorite restaurants 13 Bones (currently in Mt Airy but coming to Winston at the end of July in Arcadia). -- Yeah it's pretty amazing stuff. 
Not much sewing but still a great weekend indeed. So much to accomplish in the next few weeks as I'm gearing up for the Fall and Winter craft shows -- time to start making more goals for myself. 

Happy Quilting Everyone 


  1. Congrats on your awesome lucky streak! Sorry to miss the meeting, but Brenda is still down with her back and her pains meds have made her sick. So I had to take care of her and my Dad!

  2. Congratulations on your prizes! I need some of your luck. My Hubby bought me a Husquvarna/Viking embroidery machine for our 10th anniversay. I am really enjoying it. Check out emblibrary.com. They have monthly freebies and great sales. I haven't come across too many blogs dealing with machine embroidery, techniques, thread, etc. let me know if you find some!

  3. Congrats on your wins. Nice new machine. My friend has a Viking and loves it.

  4. Congratulations on all of your wins. It's wonderful to have a new sewing machine also. Oh the possibilities!!

  5. Yummy, and some cool stuff there. I have the same iron and would love to know what you think. I love prizes!!

  6. Well you are just a winner all around. Congrats on winning that sewing machine. That is so awesome.
    Happy early anniversary!