Friday, July 12, 2013


IN my last post I told you all I finally got all the fabric stash folded and sorted by color and told you I would put up a picture soon. SO, As promised the great reveal of the uniformly folded and color sorted fabric stash --- I present you all with my beautiful Fabrainbow. 
Hey look there's even room to expand, not much room mind you. Not everything is designer or modern and some of it is has been around for a while but I just looking at it makes me giddy happy. I'm thinking about doing a little more de-stashing both to donate to the guild and some to sell or put in the traveling stash but for now I love all the pieces and parts of my darling Fabrainbow. 

Happy Quilting (or fabric petting) everyone. 


  1. It looks so pretty :) Thanks for the eye candy!

  2. Gorgeous! Looking at your pics even makes me smile...

  3. I want to party with you! Great pictures, awesome stash!

  4. Is that dresser drawers that your stash is in? What size did you fold it to? Really nice, and neat!