Tuesday, July 2, 2013

It's Raining M. E. N.

You know you sang that. Here in NC it has been doing very little more than raining in the last few days and that means time has been spent in the sewing room, when I’m not exhausted.

So who are the M. E. N. --- Many Existing Notions I have created for myself?
         Paper piece quilt – still needs quilting
         Star wars t-shirt quilt – still needs quilting
         Small fish – needs border
        Limeaide – needs sandwiching and quilting
        Baby tees – needs borders
        BOM – new one comes tonight
        BOW – 2 blocks

I’m off on the 4th and no big plans for the weekend after so I am hoping for the chance to work out some of these M. E. N that are taking over my space, and if the rain continues it looks like I will get my chance.


  1. ***snort***LOL! I love it!
    I have my Designer Star basted, ready to quilt, so I am looking forward to working on it!