Sunday, June 9, 2013

She walks like summer and talks like rain

June continues to be a month of progress for me. I set 11 goals recently and this weekend I was able to finish 4 nearly 5 of them and work on a more long term goal all thanks to a rainy weekend.
Elephant Parade Quilt finished -- I'm going to hopefully do outside pictures tomorrow
Custom Mug rug order completed
 Block of the month block completed -- need to do the bonus block to be all caught up on this one
Caught up on Block of the Week Blocks -- new block (or blocks Mondays)
Father's Day gift for my Father in Law is completed -- another item for the outdoor photo shoot tomorrow.
I also got the hourglass quilt based and ready for quilting and hope to be able to share a completed picture later this week. I still haven't chosen a name yet but some of the top contenders are Calypso, carnival, confetti, Kaleidoscope, Summer Days, Tutti Fruity, Rainbow Sherbet, Melon Delight and Kelly's (or any combination of these). So let me know what you think.

I got in some organizing done in the Craft Room and finally got all my fabrics refolded and the scrap bin put away. I had put off doing the messiest drawer till last. Now I need to organize the fabrics but I am debating on separating by project or separating by color. Thoughts? 
I decided that I am going to put off large craft shows for the summer season and work on more product instead. I am hoping that the fall season will be better for selling quilts -- because really who wants to buy a quilt when it's 80 or 90 degrees outside.

That leaves finishing the quilting on the City Scape, quilt the T-shirt quilt, Work on the baby clothes project, Craftsy Blocks and the Baby Block.

Here's to a progress filled month and Happy Quilting Everyone.


  1. Looks like you had a good - no great - weekend!

  2. Love your progress! Makes me have some hope for my summer of sewing (or lack thereof). Build up your product so when those holiday craft fairs come along you have a lot to offer. Make sure your labels are custom and have your contact info and make up some business cards if you haven't already - they're great for people to take with them even if they aren't going to buy, it keeps you on their mind! Keep it up, I love watching your blog :o) I'll send you good vibes while we're out your way in a week!!

  3. Kelly's Calypso, has a nice sound! ;o)
    Great progress, isn't it nice to get into the flow? I finally feel like I am back there after a very long time!