Saturday, March 8, 2014

Time Marches on, like tears

Warning to my readers -- this is not a quilting post.

March is a difficult month for me and I suppose it always will be -- for me this is a month of loss and today (3/8/2014) marks 13 years since my mother left this earth. 
She was a wonderful, loving, supportive, funny and playful person.
She wasn't a crafty person herself -- and would tell anyone that she couldn't draw a stick figure, but she loved watching and nurturing my creative endeavors. I know she would be so proud of the things that I have created in the last few years with quilting. The one and only quilt she ever created was my baby quilt, in all it's polyester glory. 
As I was looking for photos to share here I was reminded of all the times I still she her -- in myself, my sister and my nieces. 
Born 11/6/1949 
around 3rd or 4th grade
her first day of high school 
this is the only picture I have my mother and my father together
my mother and step father 
the last time we went to the beach 
the last time getting together with her siblings 
(mom, grandpa and my uncle all were being treated for cancer at this time and all have since passed)

In the family they believed that the after life was like a big family gathering filled with laughter, food and loved ones that had past before you but everyone was in the prime of their lives. I hope they were right and one day I will get to see them all again -- because sometimes life is so difficult when part of your heart is gone. 


  1. I am sure she is smiling down on you - blessings.

  2. A beautiful tribute, Katie. I am right there with you. Much love, little sis.

  3. Beautiful, Katie! I didn't realize how much you looked like your mother until you posted those younger pictures of her. Especially that high school picture. She would be very proud. She is very much missed.

  4. OMG, Kay-tay, you didn't tell me earlier! But maybe that was a good thing for today? So much said and unsaid here... the pics are super. Fabric therapy was a good thing today! I am sure your mother would be SO proud of you today and I am sure she always has been proud of you! You are a strong woman from a strong heritage. As hard as the loss is, it would be a bad thing if there was no sense of loss. Beautiful tribute. I am thankful to call you my friend! (((HUGS!)))

  5. A beautiful memorial to your mom...may all your wonderful memories bring you peace, happiness and joy knowing that you were well loved by your mom.

  6. I know she would be really proud of the wonderful person you have become.