Monday, March 10, 2014

NO more Ice please

March brought in another round of the wintry weather -- this time it was ICE. There were wide spread power outages -- luckily at my house this only happened over night and I was able to spend most of my Friday quilting. I couldn't keep focus on any one project so I have lots of little progress
star along block corners
star along block -- all the components are ready to be sewn 
put border on sound garden and made backing
Quilted Sunday in the Park
quilting on sunday in the park
made valor blocks
worked on the Gypsy Wife

I've also decided to put the block of the week project to the side right now -- I have lost momentum for it so rather than rush it and not have heart in it . I know this isn't a great practice to have but for now this is where I am with this one -- at 14 blocks to go (4 new and 10 to remake).

I am headed to Charlotte Saturday to a quilt show and found lots of goodies that will sparked my interest. I know this could meant bad things for my fabric diet but I had my limits set -- only purchase for projects on hand and up to 5 yards additional. (I've decided to allow myself to get one half yard for stashing for every project I have completed.) 
Now most of this was payment for something I picked up for a friend (back row except foxes and the granny prints in the front row) and the right half of the front row are for the Gypsy Wife so really I only bought the foxes and the brown texty print for stashing so 1 yard bought this month so far. -- don't you love my math? 

Sunday I finished up binding on the Sunday in the Park project making it my 2nd finish in March and I worked on a few more of the Gypsy Wife blocks. 
14/23 for the 3 inch blocks -- 9 to go YAY!!
half done with the larger square in square blocks 

This week I want to get out in the 70 degree temps and take photos of some of the projects I am working on and document the 2 march finishes. I also want to finish up these square in square blocks and make a few of the larger Gypsy Wife blocks. 2 quilts need to be basted and i have a project to make for the guild speaker coming later this month -- Lots to do for sure. 

Happy Quilting everyone -- also a big thank you to those that stopped by my blog over the weekend and left love for the memorial post to my mother, I pushed through and spent some time with good friends and that helped so much. 


  1. Love to see lots of things going on - that's the way I work. I wish we had warmer weather. No ice, but we are expecting 16" of snow over the next couple of days. I do hope that is the end of it.

  2. Looks like you are having fun with the Gypsy Wife.

  3. Wow girl, you are busy!! Great job on getting your corners done. It is awesome to see your whole block coming together. So exciting!!

  4. Wow, you have been productive!! Personally, I LOVE your math!! That's exactly how I do my math ;)

  5. Wow, you are SEW busy!! Love the "star along" block! I hope spring comes your way soon!

  6. Hey! Nice "bits" of work that added up to a lot of forward movement. :D Gypsy Wife is fun, but a huge commitment - you gotta have other things to do around it and take breaks sometimes. Your star block is really pretty - I have that sparkly tan print! I'm looking forward to making some QOV blocks for Kevin, too, when I have a piecing machine again. Nice contribution there. :)

  7. Great project, you have really been busy and I like the new additions to your stash! Thanks for sharing.
    Freemotion by the River Linky Party Tuesday

  8. Nice to see that you are making progress on a bunch of different projects.