Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Fabriholics Anonymous check in #1

One of the big goals that is a part of the challenge is to complete projects that we have been thinking about for a while and use the fabric on hand so here's the first link up party where we list out the projects that we want to make as a part of the challenge. So ya'll may remember my Fabrainbow from earlier this year and of course I have plenty of ideas floating out there on Pinterest -- here's a brief list.
  1. Make a quilt for my bed -- not sure what pattern, this has been the hold up for the last 3 years
  2. gypsy wife -- with the guild gals
  3. Scrappy Trip Along
  4. Wonky Stars 
  5. x + quilt
  6. Scout quilt with Teri (here
  7. churn dash quilt -- or large churn dash (here or here)
  8. work on Project Lotus
  9. Triangles quilt -- for Allison due in 2015 (here
  10. Clam Shells (here
  11. giant star quilt -- so many options
  12. Giant chevron
  13. medallion Quilt
  14. New York Beauty
  15. Elven Garden Sampler (here)
  16. Swoon Quilt
  17. Steam Punk Quilt
  18. Pluses Quilt
  19. Taffy Quilt with Lee (here)
  20. Blooming Nine Patch or Split nine Patch
 In non quilt items I would like to fit in
  1. Tripple Zip Pouch
  2. Duffle Bag (here
  3. Open Wide Pouch
  4. Stuffed Animals
  5. Pillowcases
  6. Noodle Head Bag
  7. Scrappy Table Runners 
  8. Cross Body Bag
  9. Throw Pillows
  10. More Mug Rugs
Ongoing projects in 2014
  1. Shirts Swap (here
  2. finish Large Lazy Sunday
  3. string blocks 
  4. charity quilts 
  5. custom orders 
So I think 35 goals are good enough with the other ongoing projects that I will be finishing in the new year. 

Happy Quilting Everyone -- let's bust some stash. 


  1. Some good stuff on this list. I so want to add a clam shell project to my list now...

  2. I love this list!!! Lots of inspiring stuff on here...I am going to check these out! (as if I need to add more to my list...ha!)

  3. triangles and clamshells are on my "eventually" list, too! oh, and swoon. but I don't even have fabric picked for them, so I'm going to stay focused where I am. yes, let's bust some stash! that's what we got it for, right?

  4. That list made me exhausted!! Wow! I'm so behind in my blog I know what you were talking about!! xo