Friday, December 20, 2013

my refuge and my fortress

I like word play and a paraphrase of Psalm 91.2 sums up quilting for me -- befitting my 91st post. 

The busy holiday season has meant lots of time working on goals and reading the fun blogs of others but limited blogging on my part. I have been doing really well on my goals and even got the 3 from last week completed. 

custom Mug Rugs completed 
Ornament Swap items sent out 
Little fish is completed and bound. 

This week the goals have been -- ignored, for lack of a better word. I went to the sew in last weekend and couldn't find motivation to work on my projects and with holiday preparation for this weekend the sewing machine has sat quietly waiting for me to return. I'm hoping since the plans for this weekend have changed that means time at the machine and not facing the crowds of last minute shoppers -- so here's my lofty goals what I want to finish up by New Years. 

  1. finish star wars quilt (12/25)
  2. Apron Kit (12/25) --maybe
  3. block of month quilt for 2013 (1/6)
  4. Doll Quilt 14 (1/13)
  5. Unwind Charity Quilt (1/28)
  6. Shirts Swap Items (2/25)
  7. ironing board cover (ASAP)
  8. Lazy Sunday (ASAP)
  9. BOW blocks (ASAP) 
OK, so that may be unreasonable considering there's only 12 days left in this year but putting a dent in that list will feel great as the FA challenge starts up. I cleaned up my room a bit recently and got most of the fabric refiled and picked up a few solids for filler next year (still need to get white) -- so hows about a little eye candy as inspiration?

These and plenty others just waiting for me to become that list of projects  -- oh and to make things more fun Hubby picked up this Go Baby accutter for me. I've got my eye on a few other dies and maybe they will be under my tree for Christmas. 

Happy Holidays and happy quilting everyone. 


  1. Some very sweet fabrics! Enjoy your GO.

  2. The mug rugs are precious and looks like you have quite a few out.....once you open your Go Baby you'll have all kinds of new goals. You will love it! I think it is always fun to clean up my room and sometimes....find fabric I forgot I bought! Thanks for sharing.
    Freemotion by the River Linky Party Tuesday

  3. Oh how I want a Go Baby with a 5"square and 21/2" strip dies. Congratulations on your gift.

  4. Bring your projects, you can take over my studio!