Thursday, October 1, 2015

September sewing and Stashing report

September is national sewing month so I set out with the goal of doing much more sewing than stashing ...

That was until my lovely friend Melanie at PapaNanas posted up that she had gotten in some of the Tula Pink Eden collection -- this is on my to buy list so i had to go check it out and I needed a small piece of another fabric for a friend's project (more on that later). -- it resulted in being +7 yards on the 3rd of the month.

Labor day was a 3 day weekend from work that turned into being a 4 day weekend -- so in between other commitments I got some sewing done. 

Completed my Vintage Mini Quilt -- used 1.5 yards of fabric 

Kate Spain Jewel box -- top (completed), backing (made) and binding (fabric is pulled) estimated 12 yards of fabric used
Tshirt Quilt -- used 2 yards of stash for boarders and 3.5 yards for backing 

I started pulling some fabric for swap projects, the Schnitzel and Boo Mini quilt -- aprox 1 yard of stash for top
project for Mallory -- 3.5 yards pulled 
I managed to cut some more of my scraps into tumblers for a friend that I will be meeting up with at the stash bash next month -- another 2 yards used. 

Mid September brought strep throat, my husband's birthday and a few days off work -- you know that meant more sewing, but with the inclusion of strep it didn't me a lot of sewing. 

-- first thing I finished up was making my Kelido blocks 
-- up next I completed my bee blocks for this month (1 yard used) 
Hubs and I went to Raleigh to meet up with his parents and I made him stop at the Bernina World of sewing shop -- to find these treasures (10 yards purchased). 

The last weekend of the month I finally felt well enough and squeezed in some more sewing. 
-- basted my Winds of Oz quilt (1 yard) 
-- Completed my Medallion quilt (16 yards of stash used on this quilt) 
My total this month was 17 yards added, 43.5 yards used with a total of -26.5 yards -- Add that to the yearly total so far and I'm sitting at 136 yards lighter for the year. 

Next month there will be lots of sewing as I prep for Stash Bash and attend Stash Bash so I'm hoping to add way more to those totals before the end of 2015.  

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