Monday, November 18, 2013

SO I'm not a salesman -- perhaps that is the problem

I love making things with my hands -- I'm not a sales person, perhaps this is my downfall in being successful when it comes to vendoring. This weekend I attended 2 events, one in Colfax  -- hosted by the Girl Scouts 
and the other in Clemons at River Ridge Taphouse 
They both had slow turn out and very limited sales, I think I will come out at least covering my table fees once the custom orders are paid in full but it's still a disappointment. I have some opportunities that I am weighing out for this upcoming weekend as well as for some of the weeks in December but right now I'm kinda disheartened with the experience -- esp when it cuts into creative time. So here's to some happy quilting this week and maybe things will look better at events closer to Christmas. 

I came home Sunday and did what any good crafter does I spent time with my machine and worked on finishing up some quilt tops that I have in the works and playing in the fabric. 

Scrappy Swoon 
Lazy Sunday 
(best pictures I could get the wind is blowing strong up here in the mountain today -- see below) 

Happy Quilting Everyone -- Turkey Day is only 10 days away and it's the final 6 weeks to Christmas. 


  1. Sorry your sales were poor. I never take large quilts to shows - just baby quilts and I have a bassinet I take and they are displayed in that. I have my own tables - I raise them up (people only browse if they have to look down) You can get the 'riser' feet for your tables at Walmart, Target, or K-Mart. And I layer - I have crates that I then put boards across and can make shelving to make things up off the table (the flat look doesn't draw the eye). Pretty baskets and charger plates to hold items, some sparkly trims, those pretty color table stones - flashe draws attention.

  2. I think your displays look great! I think the problem is there are so many lookie-loos and people always want something a little diff than what you have made up. Maybe customs is just the way to fly! Are you listing these online anywhere? (sorry, I can't remember :P)

  3. sorry to hear sales were so. Looks like you have lots of lovely things to offer

  4. So sorry too that it was less than you had hoped for. Like Sharon mentioned, people at craft shows typically are looking to spend small amounts. Higher priced things get lots of looks but few buys.

  5. Its just also a sign of the times. Sales are not always good in our area. I have high hopes for the Dec one at Glenn,

  6. Came to your blog and so excited you'll be doing the handmade ornament exchange! I have lots of experience with craft shows, etc. and have found that listing my items online through Etsy or in-home trunk shows are FAR more successful than even the "best" craft/indie shows. I'd love to share more via email if you are interested in more tips, etc. And, I don't think it has anything to do with if you are a good sales person or not, because most people don't want to be "sold" to! Your items and displays look great!