Friday, November 8, 2013

Fabriholics Anonymous

Everyone that knows me (or even reads this blog frequently) knows I love fabric and may have a purchasing problem when it comes to fabric. It's so lovely and soft and less fattening than chocolate -- and there is always an excuse to want more. Now my stash isn't huge (compared to others) but there are things in there that frequently get overlooked and moved around because newer stuff is there are ideas are all around. 
A peek inside 1 of 4 drawers 
some of what won't fit in the drawers 
my scrap bins are tightly packed for sure (this does not include fabric strings)

It's starting to take over and becoming unmanageable -- I decided that I really need to purge some of this down. It became even more real the day I decided to straighten my bookshelf up and discovered the large number of patterns and books that hadn't ever been used or really looked at -- and we all know how expensive books can be. 
The boxes contain purchased patterns and the magazine holder is full of online printed patterns. This is only part of the books I have -- the weight was bowing the shelf slightly. 

So I decided that I needed to pledge to use as much stash as possible and cut down on collecting -- I bought all this with a purpose (probably to go with some of the unused patterns) and needed to make it happen and reclaim the space I love to be able to use it in a more useful manner. 

This ties neatly into something I stumbled upon today during my catch up reading, when I came across a link up that is dedicated to those of us that have this affliction --- Fabriholics Anonymous. It's being hosted by Rebecca @ making rebecca lynne and Jess @ the elven garden. I did a fabric diet back before the shop hop and that went well so I decided why not at least give it a try. 

It's a 6 month challenge with a few basic goals ----
  • using stash we already have 
  • Finishing UFO's (and pending UFO's)
  • not buying simply because something is new
  • Save money for other goals -- for me this is paying off my sewing machine earlier and getting closer to a new car 
  • Destash fabrics that probably are never going to get used.
There are a few more fabric rules --
  • NO fabric purchases for 6 months starting Jan 1, 2014
  • reevaluate at 6 months to determine whether to go for a year (7/1/2013)
  • Create a UFO list -- and complete them!!
  • A few exceptions -- 
    • Backing purchased to finish a UFO -- if stash is not available
    • Swap Mama fabrics 
    • quilts for publication 
    • non fabric items (books, patterns, notions, etc)
I think I'm up for it -- sooooo if you think your up for it pop over and see Rebecca or Jess and take the challenge with me and we can support one another and make beautiful stuff. 

Happy Quilting Everyone!! 


  1. I saw this on a few sites - too bad 'contribute so many charity quilts for the year' was not on those lists.

  2. I'm thinking of joining in too, I think that if enough of us join, we can encourage one another to keep going! You do have quite the amazing. =)

  3. Also there is a Sunday Stash Report group that roams the web. You list
    how much you have used this week,
    how much you have used this year,
    how much you added this week (both purchased and given),
    and how much you have added this year.

    It is amazing to watch the ebb and flow of your stash too. When I was doing this with the group, I would also post a picture of my stash once a month along with my report. I love watching the pictures change each month as I used fabrics, added fabrics or just brought fabrics out of storage, I had given away alot of fabrics I just was never going to use and that was a good looking year, lol. I really can't wait to see your progress on not using your stash! Good Luck!!1

  4. Good Luck. Oh, I see some really lovely things in your stash. I have been on a fabric diet lately and am now in the mood to start acquiring more stuff. I am watching sales so I can add some more Happy Go Lucky to my home

  5. I so understand how you feel. Last January I made a pledge to myself to only buy what I am Gaga over and not just fabrics that I only "like" and overall I've done well so far and I feel a lot better about not going overboard. Good luck with your plan.

  6. while I am freaking out about not buying for a while, I am excited to see some of my stash finally put to use. that's why I bought it, right? we can do it! I'm looking forward to seeing how this experiment plays out for everyone.

  7. Good luck with your fabric diet - I'm looking forward to having less on my shelves next year!