Monday, April 21, 2014

Fabric Fast For Real

OK, so this marks the 4th month of the Fabriholics Anonymous Fabric 6 month Fast, and as we all know I have been making strides in decreasing the fabric I have just sitting around but as with all diets I am not doing great. I have completed several projects and used an estimated 55 yards of fabric while only "stashing" about 5 yards. I have surely bought more than this but these are specifically for the point of putting them in the stash. I also have MANY projects that I am not counting yet because they are still in the UFO pile so I have probably used closer to 100 yards of fabric in the last 4 months. 
WOW!! Triple Digits -- WHhhhAaaaaT? 

I still have plenty more to go and probably another year wouldn't clear me out -- but that isn't the real goal of FA it's to break the cycle of stashing for the sake of it. 

I received notice that my insurance was not going to pay for some medical testing that I had recently, so now I am responsible for a nearly $1700 medical bill . I'm planning another destash on instagram (@karmawillow) to help with this unexpected expense.  

If I were to purge it all that would remove another 120ish yards from my sewing room -- WOW . 

I have also decided that I will TRY to continue my Fabriholics Anonymous goals throughout the rest of 2014 and this should put me in a better place with my stash. (You know unless I run out of fabric -- hahaha).


  1. Way to go with the fabric fast! Congratulations!

  2. Very well done! Wish I were on Instagram!

  3. Wow. 55 yards of fabric. That is a lot of projects.