Wednesday, October 23, 2013

What to pack? What to work on next?

I have a custom order I am completing this week and hopefully will be delivering on Friday on my way to a weekend in the mountains in the form of a quilt retreat with several others from the guild. It was a fun and challenging project made from various clothing items that a wife is doing for her husband after the loss of his mother earlier this year -- it needs to be quilted and bound in the next 2 days. I hope he loves it. 

Now for the more pressing matter at hand -- what am I going to take on the retreat this weekend to work on? Most of us have a million UFO's -- but right now I honestly don't, a good problem to have I know. I do have 2 blocks from my block of the week project to make, a few small charity quilts to bind, 2 small guild swap items to make and small throw that I need to finish the backing for to be able to baste and quilt. I am thinking most of these items can come with me because they are more manageable in size. I also want to start something new -- that list of projects I eventually want to make is quite long but choosing is the hard part. 

Should I make Lazy Sunday? 

Should I Swoon? 

Disappearing nine patch? 
Disappearing Nine Patch Charm Pack quilt

Or keep working on my rainbow string blocks?

I'm open to suggestions and I'll be sure to update next week what all I accomplish. Happy quilting everyone. 


  1. You should go for the "Swoon" Nothing ventured nothing gained.

  2. Oh what a hard question to answer! I was gonna say take your smaller projects with you so you come away from your weekend with a lot done, but also pack the makings for one for the other larger projects just case you get through all of those items..

    PS I think I need to mail you a few of my WIP's

  3. I wanna SWOOOON soon, so I recommend that. Goes together quickly. Do you have the pattern? There's a blog with an updated pattern that looks like it goes together a little better... I am looking for it. Here's a GREAT Pinterest board:

  4. I vote for Lazy Sunday. It is so cheerful and looks just right for snuggling.

  5. Okay, I had pinned it at Pinterest: It's a whole new pattern that doesn't chop fabric so much. This Bye-Bye Birdie pattern is another super-sized block in my queue:

  6. Swoon! But its addictive! Ive made 2 swoon quilts and another 6 bor so blocks in various sizes.

  7. I like all of your choices. It will be interesting to see what you picked.