Thursday, October 6, 2016

September Sewing and Stashing

August brought me to the triple digits for yards used with 101 lighter this year but my sewing mojo seemed to be off track. This month I focused first on the things that I had to get accomplished, like my bee blocks. 

Rebecka is making a special quilt in honor of her sister for her guest room and requested Home Base Blocks. (-.5 yard) 

Judy is making a bright Checker quilt for charity (-.5 yard) 
It was time for round 3 of the traveling quilts -- I got Michelle's and sputtered for ideas at first and then my ideas just clicked. 
I added Swiss cross blocks to the bottom and right side (I also used the extra stars block that Catherine made.)

One of my top goals for this month was to get the tension issue fixed in my machine so that I could reattach the binding to my Scrappy crossroads quilt and move it along to the finished pile. Last month I attached it but then had to become friends with the seam ripper b/c of the issue but I'm happy to report it's ready for couch snuggling now. (-1 yd) 

This month I also started working on a baby clothes quilt.

I am continuing to work on my KS Christmas quilt as well and finally got all the HST trimmed. 

I completed the final BOM block for and started working on assembly -- I'm hoping this will be my first 4th quarter finish. 

My bonus Jewel Box blocks are now a completed top. 

I am glad that the weather is starting to turn a little cooler so that I will be more encouraged to spend time in my sewing room and can hopefully knock out a few more things in the upcoming months. I used a whopping 2 yards of fabric this month but didn't add to my stash so I'm sitting comfortably at -103 for the year so far. 

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