Tuesday, September 6, 2016

August Sewing and Stashing

July finished with a lightened stash of 93.5 yards, after a minor splurge early in the month and a minor lack of motivation because of the heat and distraction of Pokemon Go (yeah I'm a nerd like that). I hope that this month's progress makes up for my limited focus on sewing and having a few days off at the beginning of the month really should help. 

I started the month working on my Traveling Quilt project for this month with was Alice's block that had already been added to by her awesome sister Catherine. I gave Alice the option of AMH feathers or Arrows as my addition this month and she choose the feathers. I also added in some plus blocks to fill in the corners and round things out.

I also wanted to get my Bee Hive Swarm block out early this month because Jen is celebrating her birthday before mid month and she wanted these great double star blocks (-1 yard) 

My other hive wanted paper pieced blocks so I got those ready right away. (-.5 yard) 

A while back I signed up for the Star Mini quilt swap and this month I finished these awesome Celestial Stars up to mail out to a lovely Lady in California -- you can read all about that here. (-2 yards) 

I completed my Kate Spain Love Mini (-3 yards) 

I also got my Scrappy Crossroads back from Rena and got the binding attached and then I realized my tension was off so I had to take it all the way back off so this will be a finish next month. (-1 yard)

August started at 93.5 yards lighter so far in the year, this month I added 0 yards and used 7.5 yards making my new total 101 yards lighter this year -- Whahoo. 

I haven't been in a good sewing mood lately and I hope that September changes that cause I have way more things I need to get finished before the end of the quarter and as we hit that downward slide into the holidays. 

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