Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday at the Folly

So no sales for Friday night at the festival but there was a good deal of traffic and interest. I did sell some raffle tickets for the guild -- so not a total wash of the evening and met a very lovely lady that wants to bring a fabric store to Kernersville. I thought I would share my set up this evening and let you all know I will be back out there bright and early in the morning about 8am. I'm across the street from Main Street Baptist Church (under the Willow Tree --- how neat is that) next to a lady selling tutus. I'm gonna do a little bit of revamp work tomorrow on the set up to have a space behind the tables for us to sit and have food or trade out monies -- it might help me not come across as so in your face and make the space more inviting to customers.

Happy Quilting  Everyone


  1. Your display is lovely :)

    I did find that its really hard getting people to deviate from their path and enter your booth so if you can have some items right on the edge then passers by tend to stop for a better look.
    Hope the rest goes well for you xx

  2. Nice display, hope you did well.

  3. Looks great!! Hope the weekend is a success! Designer Star looks fab!